Finding The Best Wedding Photographer: There’s An App For That


Find Just About Anything on Google

How many times have you needed to search for a particular place nearby, and had no tool available to help you find it? Not only that, but when you do actually find a place, how do you know if it’s reputable or not? Well, now Google has an app that you can download onto your iPhone that will not only list a variety of businesses that match your criteria that are nearby to wherever you are, but you’ll also get real, honest reviews from people just like you who have used these particular services. For example, if you are searching for a reputable nearby Toronto wedding photographer, by using this app, you’ll be pinpointed to a highly reviewed Toronto photography studiosuch as Quarum Studios.

Use the Google Places App to find Exactly What You’re Looking For

If you happen to be searching for the best wedding photographer in the GTA area, the Google Places app will point you to a few places, like Quaraum Studios ( When going through the reviews on different businesses, make sure you look for high quality descriptions, such the establishment’s style, uniqueness, friendliness and energy. The more highly rated reviews, the better. When a past customer is highly satisfied with a business’s services and rapport, they will have no problem dishing out their great descriptions of such places. On the flip side, steer clear of any businesses that have one too many negative reviews. Obviously, the more negative reviews a business gets, the farther away you should stay from them. One other aspect you should note when browsing through reviews of businesses on Google is the authenticity of such reviews. There are clues to look for in order to make sure that the reviews you are reading are real and came from actual customers, rather than planted there artificially to beef up the positive reviews. For example, the reviews should generally be spread out evenly over the course of time. They should appear rather generic. You’ll probably be able to distinguish whether these reviews are manipulated by the way they are stacked one on top of the other in a short period of time.

When it Comes to Photography, Google Places Will Find the Best

If are looking for the best wedding photographer in the GTA area, be sure to scroll down the list of places that Google Places pulls up until you reach This Toronto photography studio has been taking amazing photographs for years, and has been highly rated by their clientele. Browse their online gallery at and see what each Toronto wedding photographer at Quarum has contributed to the world of photography.

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