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Humankind has achieved incredible architectural feats over the past few decades, which are arguably most exemplified in the construction of the world’s most amazing bridges. Most would agree that the building of bridges requires a large degree of imagination and ingenuity, no matter the century that they were built. A bridge is also built with purpose in mind, and requires builders and engineers to both challenge and work with nature. This article outlines five of the most amazing bridges that are still standing today.

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is arguably one of the world’s most recognisable bridges, and thus it makes our list of most amazing bridges. The famous bridge has been the location of many high speed Hollywood car chases, the backdrop of a romantic scene and the grounds for an extra terrestrial fight. View its full contribution to popular culture and see why the Golden Gate is one of our five most amazing bridges.

Pearl Bridge

Holding the title of world’s longest bridge makes the Pearl Bridge in Japan a deserving addition to our amazing bridges list. Locally known as Akashi-Kaiky? Bridge, this enormous structure has three spans. The middle span is the longest, measuring 1,991 meters and the two other sections span 960m each. In total, the length of this amazing bridge is 3,911m. Even though the bridge was built in 1998, it is still a major architectural feat today. Even before its completion, it weathered the Kobe earthquake of 1995.

Pont du Gard

This amazing bridge is the oldest on our list, and is believed to have been constructed by the Roman Empire sometime between 19BC and 150AD. Despite its age, it still stands strong today, thanks to the skill and persistence of the Roman engineers. The entire bridge was built without mortar and instead, stones weighing up to six tonnes each were cut perfectly to size.

Ponte Vecchio Bridge

Another amazing bridge from times before is the Ponte Vecchio Bridge, which was built during Medieval Times. The stone closed spandrel segmental arch bridge spans the Arno River in Florence, Italy, and still hosts artisan stores, jewellers and butchers as it did hundreds of years ago. For staying true to tradition, it’s a well deserved addition to our most amazing bridge list.

Living Bridge

These amazing bridges are unique from all others on our amazing bridges list, as they are made from living materials. In the wet and mountainous region of north eastern India, developing river crossings that can withstand the tempestuous rivers has been a necessity for centuries. The Meghalaya tribe developed an ingenious natural solution, and used the roots of the Ficus elastic tree to create a living bridge. One of the oldest living bridges is 500 years old, and is definitely one of the world’s most amazing bridges.

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