Five Must Have Android Apps For Parents


Life is hectic for parents. There are schedules to adhere to, full-time jobs, and of course, diapers to change. However, there are many Android apps that make life a little less stressful for the parent with a full plate. These apps can help with finding a changing station for your baby or help lull your baby to sleep. The following are five must-have Android Apps for parents looking for a bit of relief!

1.  SitOrSquat: Restroom Finder

This is a useful app to help you figure out how family friendly an establishment is. Using your location, SitOrSquat: Restroom Finder will find restaurants and establishments around you and let you know what the community thinks. Find out if a location has baby changing stations or are stroller accessible. With SitOrSquat, you will always know what your options are for baby care. What’s more is the option to write your own reviews of establishments to aide other families in planning outings in the future.

2.  OurGroceries

Our groceries is a great app for the busy mom or dad on the go. With this app you no longer face palm when you realize you left the grocery list on the refrigerator. Your grocery list can be on you at all time so you no longer forget to bring home the milk and eggs. And since you can email the list to others, mom and dad can communicate when something needs to be taken care of. Our Grocery is also a great app for recipes ingredients, so you do not run out of the last component of any dish.

3.  Baby Music Box

Baby Music Box is an Android app that can effectively soothe your child and help them fall asleep. The Baby Music Box app is free and features many options for lulling a child to sleep. It features different characters that play five minutes of soothing lullabies. It is a must-have for any parent that need helps settling down a restless child.

4.  Baby Connect

Baby Connect allows the user to keep track of a baby’s mood, milestones, growth, and daily activities. With integrated graphs that let you compare data over time, it gives parents a visual representation of their baby’s progress and growth. A great thing about this app is the option to upload data to Facebook, where all of your friends and family can learn about what baby is up to.

5.  Cozi Family Organizer 

This all in one organizing app is designed to be shared by the entire family. It features a calendar with everyone’s schedule on it. You can share grocer lists, journals, notes, texts, and pictures, all with one app. It is also great for vacation planning and shopping, as it maps out locations and fun things to do there.

There are some incredible Android apps available for the family that we just do not have the space to list here. A great app is one that helps you with your daily activities and generally makes your life a little bit easier!

Elana Cameron is an active parent a freelance writer with frequent contributions to the BabyCommerce blog at

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