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Five Technology Trends To Watch For in 2011


Five Technology Trends To Watch For in 2011

The technology industry is always changing, evolving and innovating, as they are revolutionizing our lives and impacting the market. Our lives are so interconnected with technology that it is difficult to determine whether we are controlling it or if it’s the other way around. New generation of users are routinely using latest technology from an early age, this relationship between human and digital technology will become even closer, making both of them indivisible in the future. These are five trends that may deeply influence IT community and consumers in 2011.

Commercialization of Personal Information

Data mining won’t go away this time around. There are simply too many things at stake. Even so, companies that want to use personal information of online users should pay for it. Privacy problems that are generated by sites like Facebook, may still be present in 2011, but with the possibility of generating economic benefit for users. Companies will use this model because it allows a beneficial transaction between companies and potential customers. Consumer advocacy organizations believed that the idea was positive, allowing users to have larger control on the use of their personal information.

Online Video

2011 will be the year where we will see a significant growth of video on demand. There could be a change of attitude in video consumers, following the arrival of HD technology. Users who watch videos on the web, may no longer content with short videos, instead they’ll seek to watch TV shows or movies online. In that sense, major companies like Apple, Google and Amazon are at the forefront with their services and products, which allow video contents to be used on portable devices.

4G Network

Smartphones will have stronger role in 2011 and high-speed internet connectivity via cellphones will still become a major trend. More people will be attracted to mobile devices and households will begin to get rid of cables for wireless. The introduction of 4G mobile networks, a significant improvement over 3G, may cause some users to abandon common wired connections like DSL to connect their devices at home through wireless technology. But in 2010, it is likely that the percentage will still be small because the existing infrastructure may not meet the needs of advanced users who like to play online or stream video constantly. It is expected that by 2016, nearly half of households in developed countries adopt 4G mobile broadband as their main Internet connection.

Green technology

The technology will be greener in 2011. High energy prices, economic crisis and the U.S. government support on green innovation, will bring an avalanche of creativity in the “green” industry. Green technology gives consumers a solution to their energy inefficiency despite the economic crisis and the declining resources. There will be more choices in the market because the conditions imply that for the first time, “green” products can be lucrative.

Mobile applications

There are over 400,000 mobile apps available today on multiple systems. Applications on smartphone are changing the industry and are creating a new model of technology usage.  One of the main benefits of mobile apps is the ability to transform a device into something that is more than its original design. A smartphone can become a portable game console, a thriller novel, a teen magazine and many others. Better versatility in a small handheld device is something that consumers will find practical and useful.

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