Five Tips For Succeeding On YouTube


If you are serious about creating a successful YouTube channel, there are some right and wrong strategies. asked YouTube stars to share 11 mistakes that people make when new to YouTube. We turned the worst pitfalls into five positive actions that you can take to help jump-start your channel.

Create Your Own Brand: You

It’s easy to be dazzled by your favorite channels, and imitation is a form of flattery. On YouTube, however, imitators get lost in the crowd of hopefuls who are doing exactly the same thing. You have original content to share, and your best chance is to develop your own unique brand and give it all you’ve got.

Defining your brand means creating content that you are passionate about regardless of what’s trending on YouTube. Trends don’t last, and people can tell when a creator’s heart isn’t in the work. You are better off identifying your niche, however offbeat, arcane or even ordinary it might seem, and making the best content out there for that audience.

Watch Other People’s Content

Conventional wisdom says that when you are starting out, you shouldn’t engage with other people’s work because their style will discourage you from finding your own voice. Actually, their successes can inspire and motivate you to do the same. Take the time to watch your favorite channels. Notice what they seem to be doing right, but most of all have fun. When you enjoy other people’s videos, you’ll automatically start thinking of ways to make your own content more entertaining.

Reach Out To Your Viewers

It’s easy to get so caught up in producing great content that you forget to make it a snap for your fans to follow you. Remember to add a subscribe button so that viewers can subscribe to your channel with one click. Fans also want to know more about you and what else you offer. In your description, include hyperlinks to your other social media pages. People expect Facebook and Twitter links but aren’t likely to go searching for you if the links aren’t there.

Do Your Own SEO

This may sound obvious, but some people grab descriptions and meta data from their idols in the hopes of duplicating traffic results. This won’t work. For one thing, the search engines dislike duplicate content. Also, the original owner may find out and won’t be happy with the imposter.

When you create original content, write a unique title and description based on solid SEO. Your writing needs to engage the viewer’s interest, but it also should be optimized for key terms people are searching on. As you grow your channel, remember to monitor your SEO and tweak it as necessary. Optimization is a process.

Collaborate With The Community

One of the best ways to succeed at any venture is to team up with people whose strengths complement your own. You can offset each others’ weaknesses and improve your brands. As Mystery Guitar Man suggests in the ReelSEO article, one strategy is to look for people on YouTube who have many subscribers but don’t have your particular skill. Could you help enhance their content? A collaboration could mean that you trade a little of your talent in return for a mention. You are far more likely to gain attention if influencers name you. The best way to get is to give, so hone your skill and start shopping it around.

Your best shot at success is to be yourself: original, collaborative and dedicated to your cause. Anyone can duplicate video techniques and SEO, but they can’t replicate your unique voice. Hopefully thousands eventually subscribe to your channel, but until then, YouTube is still better for having you there.

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Chris Keenan is a blogger for a NJ internet video advertising agency.

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