For Those Who Need More Security With Your Smartphone, There Is Black SMS


A company CEO, a journalist in a country at war or many other smartphone users need to know that if their text messages are intercepted everything is okay. Black SMS has been at work making a system to encrypt and decrypt text messages for security. Read on to find out more about this new way of making sure only your recipient reads your texts.

Get Some Security On Your Smartphone

If you are a person such as a judge in need of secrecy on a big decision, an embassador, or just someone who does not trust the current immunity that the cell companies have from prosecution, you may want to look into downloading Black SMS. Since anyone can pick up a smartphone and start reading the messages inside, it is always better “safe than sorry”.

Android Is Not Yet Included

This is just made for the iPhone or other iOS products at the moment. Android seems to have been left out for now. Do not expect it to show up on Microsoft for a long time as well. The app works by typing in your message, setting a password and sending the text to iMessage. The receiver will need to have Black SMS installed on their iPhone. Once the encryped text arrives the person will need to know the password to read it. The message is pasted into the Black SMS app to read it.

This App Is Not For Every Text Message

It is not expected that the Black SMS app will be used with every single text message. This is for those special ones that need extra security. For example, if someone on the other end of the text needs your social security number, this app would be the perfect way to send it securely. The gang at Black SMS state that not your friends, not the government and spy ware will not be able to read the messages sent using their app.

This App May Have A Free Version Soon

The price for this app is not free. It is a dollar ( 99 cents ) in the Apple iTunes store. The good news is that a free version is on the way. The free version will be handicapped and will not be able to encrypt messages. It will be able to decrypt them, though. The app is a super small download, so it will not take up much space on the iPhone drive. It is only available in English.

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