Gadgets for the Drinker


I like to have a drink from time to time and it is fun to be able to impress my friends with a new gadget. Sometimes I get to do them both at the same time. From unique bottle openers to cheap portable breathalyzers, there is a big range of gadgets based around your favorite libations. Take a look and see what you can find.

Bottle openers come in a thousand different forms. From belt buckles and rings to even baseball caps and the bottoms of shoes. Everyone is looking for the coolest way to open a bottle but the old standby with often the best. A waiter’s tool is compact, classy and effective. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on them either. You can get a good one for less than ten dollars at most liquor stores.

Personal breathalyzers are the high end of drinking gadgets. They serve two purposes. Not only are they a piece of cool technology but they can save you from a dangerous situation. I don’t suggest whipping this out at bars as portable breathalyzers tend to encourage people to try and get the “high score” of the night but they are a good thing to have on hand to check out if our friends really should be driving or walking home alone.

Taking a step back down the scale of expense from car breathalyzers, whiskey stones are a really cool invention. They are either metal or stone cubes that you can drop into whiskey to cool it down without watering it down at all. There are some whiskeys that you don’t want to add any water too. These are great for keeping beer cold too.

There you have them, three simple suggestions to keep yourself at the top of the drinking gadget totem pole. Drink safe and drink smart.

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