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There used to be a time when camping in France meant taking a tin of beans, a waterproof jacket and a torch. If you were lucky you remembered to take a tin opener as well but high tech treats were just not an option at all.

Thankfully campsites in the Italian Lakes have changed recent years and we can now enjoy the freedom of a camping holiday with the pleasure of some modern gadgets as well.

Smart Mats

Anyone who has been camping knows what it is like to lie on a bumpy or uncomfortable mat. Nowadays they are not just comfortable; they are smart as well. The dirt falls though them but as it is a one way system nothing unwanted enters your tent. They also reseal themselves if they get damaged. You can also use one to shelter from the wind or sun during the day.

A Portable Tea Maker

Making tea while camping sounds like a messy, unhygienic business but it isn’t any more. Now you can get handy, flask type tea or coffee makers which give you a great cuppa with no hassle or mess. They also work for a cheeky hot toddy when things get too cold for comfort in the evenings.


This gadget sounds a bit scary but it could actually come in really handy at some point. These little beauties can cut their way through reasonably thick branches and they don’t weight very much at all.

Fancy Torches

You can have one which goes on your head, one which stands on a tripod on even one with bendy legs which you can attach to just about anything. What they all have in common though is that they give a much stronger and more reliable light than the torches of yesteryear.

A Folding Pot

Eh? A flooding pot just sounds too bizarre to be true, but it is currently available online. Whether you want to give yourself a good wash or make a pot of cock-a-leekie you will find that this is easy to transport and get ready to use.

A Cleaner Stove

The latest models of camping stove still need some wood to get them started just like in the old days. However, they then take the heat from that starting point and convert it to electricity to get a fan going. This means that your beans get cooked without you doing much harm to the environment.

Gadgets with Different Powering Methods

It is worth mentioning that batteries are no longer your only way of powering up torches, radios and such like. There are now models which let you wind them up when they run low on juice. This gives you cleaner, easier energy with just a little bit of exercise thrown into the bargain.

Post written by Dave John of Family Camping Reviews.

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