Gardening Apps: Lawn Care Is Made In The Shade


If you think that your garden and lawn are maintained to a high standard because of your regular watering routine, you’re only about half right. The action you take to defend your lawn and garden from decay is indeed important, but we can’t forget that knowledge is power. Without knowing what’s going on in your garden and lawn and how you can fix and prevent problems, your actions will be aimless and ultimately, unsuccessful.

But don’t feel down. You can overhaul your entire garden and lawn care knowledge through the use of Apps that make learning about and managing your land a mere breeze. Here are a few Apps that can deliver.

Garden Tracker

Available for both iPad and iPhone – or both, should you feel ambitious enough – the Garden Tracker is a great place to start contemplating what you can do with a new garden. Why? Because it allows you to design rectangular effects and tell the App which kinds of plants you plan on putting there.

You’ll then learn how many plants your land can accommodate, making sure you make the classic rookie mistake of over or under-crowding your garden. The App is just $3.99 and will help you learn the layout of your garden with an eagle’s-eye view.

Landscaper’s Companion

Also for both iPad and iPhone – but also Android – this is the comprehensive knowledge of plants and growing that you’ve been looking for. It doesn’t help you design your garden – use Garden Tracker for that – but you can refer to your Landscaper’s Companion for information on different varieties of plants.

It’s important to know what kind of plants are better suited for your well-shaded areas and which plants will need open sunlight on a more consistent basis; this is the App that tells you about these little tips and tricks. You’ll also learn about watering requirements, helping you to design a gardening and lawn care routine that actually suits your plants and not you.


If your tastes fall more toward those plants that flower, you may want to consider FlowerPedia, which is exactly how it sounds: an encyclopedia for flower lovers. It’s one thing to know which type of grass or green-leafed vegetable to plant, but your flowers are likely going to be the centerpiece of your gardening efforts. So make sure you handle them right by knowing about them, what they need, and what kind of care they best respond to.


Gardening and lawn maintenance can be a lonely job; MyGardenApp takes your efforts social and allows you to share what’s going on with you, as well as monitor where the grass is greener. Updating your garden status is not necessarily an everyday type of ordeal, but you’d be surprised at how fun it can be to show off your efforts. You did, after all, work hard on making your garden and lawn as good as they can be; what’s the point if you can’t show them off a little bit?

Meg Jones is a marketing strategist for GreenBloom, a Toronto landscaping company with lawn maintenance programs to suit a variety of client needs in the climate that is uniquely Toronto, Ontario’s.

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