Gateway DX4820-02: Review


Gateway DX4820-02
Basic Specifications: Intel Core 2 Quad processor with a speed of 2.66 GHz, 8Gb memory, 750Gb storage capacity, DVD and RW drivers, 512 MB G 210 graphics and an operating system of Windows Vista Home Premium.

This desktop has leaded all other desktops to go into a change since it has brought about the fascinating Intel CPU power to a normal level along with the budget system. Before a few months this gadget could have been one of the best ones to go for by those with a budget of about$900 along with the monitor it comes with which is worth about $229 alone, high speed RAM (8GB) and many other features were so greatly catching the attention of buyers. However one can simply pair this system with a better and cheaper LCD such as the Asus VH222H and get a better quality and much better performance along with a 3D gaming.

With the cable management at the back those who go for this desktop will be provided with in tray USB ports which will ease it to connect and charge some other gadgets. It also offers top notch media ports as well as slots for all forms of flash cards, jacks and USB ports(4). 2 of the 4 USB ports are situated near the back which is an area specifically designed to hold mobile phones and other gadget that are required to be connected to the PC. Though this PC does not possess a lid to tidy and hid contents, it has an area which is placed on top towards the back to wrap the cables around and prevent untidiness. Also the eject button of the optical drive is situated on the top and with a 2nd button it is possible to add and use extra optical drive to the 5.25 inch spare. If you have some photos in the card you have slotted in one of the ports at the front, you can press the Photo Frame button to have a slide show viewing of your photos. Though the ports at the back are quite ordinary, the Ethernet and HDMI ports are great. Also since it is quite easy and cheap to install Wi Fi graphics card, you can simply improve your PC to a better one.

As longs as you are not after a PC for gaming this PC would be a good choice to go for

Gateway DX4820-02: Review

Pros: Upgradable, 8GB RAM (DDR3), 1080 pixel 23inch monitor

Cons: Glossy LCD does not possess USB ports, may be too shiny in brightly lit areas, gaming could be improved, highly priced for the offerings.
This desktop has some expectably good features such as complete pack and high power; however the price is higher than what it should be.

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