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Gathering Client’s Requirements – Questions Not Be Overlooked By Website Designers


Most of the web designers maintain a checklist for their clients to follow while designing their website. Generally this checklist consists of functions and features revolving around the visual design of the client’s website which they have to build. What they fail to spot is a number of questions that really aid the website designers to dig up the mind of clients and create something exactly as per their obligation.

After entering into mind of your clients, you can assist them to make better decisions to develop an optimum website design. As mostly the clients don’t really know what they want to be there in website. Here are some vital questions that must be asked from the clients before going for the deigning process:

What your Website should Accomplish with?

It may sounds very basic, but is often left off, if a client is not certain what he wants to accomplish in website, there will be changing minds frequently throughout the project – which can become quite annoying for the designer.

What is the Priority action you want yours Visitors to do when they come to your Site?

Mostly clients are so confused on how they want the site to look, ask them the priority course of action. It will assist you know what and where to place on the site in order to create the maximum probability that visitors will perform particular action first.

What is the Second thing your Visitors should do on your Site?

Ask your client the next immediate procedure the visitors should follow. If you aid your client to think beyond just appearance of site, you’ll be allowing them to make sure they keep website and their business models in proper symmetry.

Who is your Target Audience?

The next question is probably not overlooked as the others, but it is imperative that your client really understand what you actually mean when you ask this question. Have they identified it obviously to help you create a clear-cut design?

Ask your Clients list of Websites they like and Identify what they like about them, Similarly list of Websites they don’t Like and Reason for that.

These two questions are very significant to judge the mentality of your client about how should be the design. Ask them what specifically they like or dislike about any website like images, font, size, color, buttons, hover effects etc.

Integrate these questions into your design strategy to build a professional web design, it will not only make your job easier but also make your client fully satisfied in the end. If your client is happy with your work done that means he may hire you again or refer you to someone else as a great designer.

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