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I have never really understood the ins and outs of a mobile phone contract, despite having them explained to me again and again. I like my phone to be all singing and all dancing, to do whatever it is I want it to do and to not cost me a small fortune while doing it. I am the first to admit that I don’t understand how they work and I have absolutely no interest in ever finding out. I use technology everyday both at home and at work, some of it fairly old and some of it cutting edge, but providing something happens when I switch any of it on I’m happy.

What I really don’t understand though is why some people, in their desire to get the latest technology in the world of mobile phones, sign themselves up for lengthy and often inescapable contracts just so they can get their hands of the latest handsets. Don’t they realise that they have other options?

What Happens If You Change Your Mind?

Having signed up to one of these long standing and even longer winded contracts, what happens if you change your mind? You could end up finding a better deal being offered by a different network provider which could save you money but you would not be able to do anything about it because you’re tied up with the provider whose contract you signed. Buying the technology that you want i.e. the handset that you want and buying it as a standalone purchase, unlocked and not tied to any network provider, or even with a SIM means that you are free to get the best deal on your call charges from the provider of your choice. It is also possible to keep changing providers whenever you choose to consistently ensuring that you get the best deal time after time.

A Personal Opinion

Like I said, I don’t understand technology, but I do understand money, and it’s not something that I give away freely. I know that once I get hold of the technology that I want, without committing myself to twelve or eighteen months of contractual agreements and hefty monthly payments I can shop around to get the best deal on my call charges, picture messaging and data charges. I have to admit I have a very limited understanding of just what the data charges actually cover, but just because I don’t understand it doesn’t mean that I should pay through the nose for it.

I will agree that in some instances a contract is a good idea, especially when the mobile phone is being provided for a child, after all children lose things regularly and having the insurance in place that goes hand in hand with a capped contract is a great idea as you may get the phone replaced free of charge. But for me, a contract is not worth the cost.

Shop Smarter and Save Money

For all of you that are just itching to get your hands on the latest technology, work out just how much your contract is costing you and see whether you think the amount you are paying is justified compared to the cost of buying the handset SIM free and sorting out your own network provider. I know that I am not tied and bound by a legal contract and when the next wave of new technology hits the high street I can sell, trade in or do whatever I want with my existing phone without having to wait for upgrade dates or whatever else the contract ties you up with in order to get my hands on the smart and stylish technology that catches my eye… even if I don’t have a clue how it works!

Sim free mobile phones are definitely the way to go and have so many more benefits (in my opinion) than phones that are only available with a ready-made contract.

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