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In today’s world, technology it is a get in or get out of the way kind of life. With advances being made every day, technology can either be your best asset or your biggest nightmare. From optimizing your website to syncing devices to going paperless, there are so many things businesses need to stay abreast of. Probably one of the most important pieces of technology for any business owner is cloud computing.

This type of technology can benefit a business in more ways from one. In addition to the obvious of being able to access all of your important business information from anywhere, there are options for a less traditional business model with cloud computing.

The Examiner explained that businesses using the cloud, “are not just people selling stuff on eBay, but businesses as different as financial services, publishing and real estate that share a common characteristic: they have all discovered a very inexpensive location. That location is called ‘the cloud.’”

The cloud offers businesses the ability to run their company without dealing with the costs of renting a location—a valid option depending on the type of business. For those that can operate in this manner, having the employees conduct business on the cloud means it is accessible from almost everywhere. In addition to the savings with regards to renting a space, this also allows business owners to hire employees they may not have had the ability to should they be in a defined office. The cloud knows no boundaries as someone from California can easily work for a business in New York.

The added freedom the cloud provides is something that will surely be a Darwinian survival of the fittest when it comes to what businesses will make it and which will be left behind. The luxury of ignoring technological advances is no longer an option; even if some prefer the ‘old’ way of doing business, it just isn’t practical.

The Examiner article does warn that while the cloud is a great option for small businesses especially, some of the perks, like eliminating a centralized location, may not work out for large companies—but this does not mean the cloud is obsolete:

“It’s just that operating solely in the cloud can become unwieldy when you reach a certain size. You might just need a place for all your files and accumulated bits and pieces, or if you’re renting meeting rooms by the hour on such a regular basis, it might make more economic sense to have your own permanent place.”

Finding the right cloud usage for your business will be something that calls for a great deal of thought. No matter how you utilize it, the cloud is imperative in this technological age.

Mercedes Potter is an elite writer who has posted to many blog sites in regards to the best technology in the buesiness industry. Follow her @CedesPotter to see what else she’s been blogging about.

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