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Getting Noticed On YouTube: A Guide To Getting More View


Knowing how to get more views on YouTube for your videos isn’t really a cut-and-dry issue. For one, it’s important to realize that YouTube is a huge site with content covering nearly every subject imaginable. For most, that means starting out as a very tiny fish in an extremely huge pond. That isn’t to say that getting more views on YouTube is an impossible task, however. It’s quite possible to get your videos noticed, and keeping these tips in mind is a great start in your journey to big YouTube numbers.

Know How to Network
Assuming you’re starting from scratch with a new account, one of the first steps you should take to get noticed on YouTube is to start participating actively in the community. This means commenting on other peoples videos, subscribing to interesting users with videos related to yours, or even posting one of your videos as a response to a highly-viewed video. After a while, you should have enough networked friends who may be willing to view your videos regularly or even share your videos with their own viewers.

Link It Everywhere
After uploading your video, you should start to find websites and forums that would find your video’s content interesting. YouTube makes it easy to post links in several different formats, including a few that can display the video directly on whatever site you post it on. This is important because viewers will be much more likely to click and view a video that is already embedded on the page they’re viewing than they are to blindly follow a link to a video on a YouTube. Make sure to follow whatever forum rules there may be, however, or else you run the risk of the moderator of that site deleting your links.

Be Consistent
While diversifying your content is good to a certain degree, making sure your videos are all based on similar subject matter and are in a similar format to one another greatly increases your chances of getting and maintaining high view counts. For instance, if you’ve been posting video game reviews, don’t suddenly start posting videos about how to build birdhouses. Keeping your content consistent will help you establish a dedicated user base that will not only like what you post, but actually look forward to new content.

Make Something Worth Watching
The last tip on how to get more views on YouTube is probably the most important, and that is to actually upload videos that are worth watching. While copying popular videos or other formats may be easy, it isn’t going to help you get more viewers. Being original and offering something that others can’t is extremely important in getting new viewers, and in ultimately having your video be special enough to go viral. Just having one video go viral can lead to huge hits for every video hosted on your channel. Once you’ve established yourself in this manner, getting a lot of views will come naturally with every video you post. offers clients the ability to buy YouTube views to increase their reach over social networks. If you want more information on how to use TubeGain to increase your video traffic and reach click here!

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