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GoDaddy Makes It Beyond Simple to WordPress a Domain or Subdomain


There are a few ways to add more life to your domain or subdomain. And by life I mean design. There are choices, expensive and not, to do this. Some may pay thousands of dollars to have a personal designer change the look of your website or even to build it to begin with. There are also some websites that help you build your own. Some like WordPress.

WordPress is an easy interface to use for so many reasons:

  • simple to understand
  • 10’s of thousands of free plugins
  • thousands of themes

If you haven’t used WordPress, then you may not know of the potential and how easy it is to use. The minimum you have to pay to be able to use all of these perks is the price for a domain name and hosting. And GoDaddy is my choice.

I pay less than $100 a year for my hosting and domain. There are cheaper plans if you buy a year at a time instead of by month, but it depends on what you choose to do. Aside from the price, GoDaddy has never failed me. If I call with a problem, they are always there to help.

The best part?

Because GoDaddy and WordPress are such widely used services, there are step-by-step instructions for practically anything that you want to do, including adding WordPress to a subdomain. And recently I went on a hunt to do just that…I should have known better.

I spent close to four hours searching for how to add WordPress to a subdomain. That’s not to say that I didn’t find anything for four hours, but trying to understand what to do was the hardest part. Until I got smarter about my search and went to GoDaddy’s forum…

With step-by-step instructions I was able to not only create a subdomain, but to upload the newest version of WordPress through GoDaddy. From there, it was a matter of finding the theme and plugins I wanted, and my subdomain was now as sexy if not slightly sexier than my normal domain. The instructions to download WordPress to my subdomain were from this forum page. It was so easy, I created another subdomain with WordPress for another website of mine. Gotta love the simplicity of it.

I know that using WordPress is the easiest way for me to take care of my websites, and I plan on using this technique over and again. Just need to find a few theme in the process.

About Author:

Miscelleana Rhinehart has been growing her own websites and others’ websites like local Long Island Jeep dealers sites. WordPress makes is more than easy.

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