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Search giant Google earlier this month released a latest service with the name of Google Instant. Instant is basically an intelligent feature added in the search page toolbar that has shaved off certain amount of time from the total time required for the search. It gives instant hints for the search query being typed in by the user.

So recently, a source close to the Google web development team revealed that Google is moving forward with its latest plan to introduce instant search to its mobile phone users that is mainly the Android based platform mobiles. By the end of the year, Google is planning to launch Google Instant for mobiles in the same manner as it was released for the Desktop PCs. So with the introduction of this service in the mobile phones OS, Google searches on the website will be streamlined.

This Instant Search feature basically predicts the results even before the users are not finished in typing their query completely, thereby offering a much faster way to search the web as compared to the previous search engine anatomy.

Jonathan Rosenberg, the Vice President at Google said in a press release that Google Instant Service for the mobiles will be available at any time this fall season. The service would be available on the devices like iPhone and RIMs Blackberry; Android powered devices will also be having this option for the users.

As the Google Instant is a speedy service that allows search results to appear even before the user is not finished in typing the query, it is very much evident that it will be a great edition for the mobile phones, because cellphones and the latest variant smartphones are all about cutting low on speed and time. Sometimes, Data Plans or even the Wireless connectivity is very limited, so in this case Google Instant can be of great aid to the users as it will give the results directly.

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