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Google+. What’s The Difference?


If you have already succumbed to the call of Google+, you are probably asking yourself what all the fuss is about, and indeed what is the difference between it and any other social network out there – i.e. Facebook. You could also quite possibly be wondering, what is the point? Yet another social network status to update, do you really need the hassle?

It’s early days, but there is so much more to Google + than meets the eye and right now we are just looking at the bare bones of what promises to be an internet sensation.

Google have started out small, introducing basic features such as the newsfeed stream, circles, games etc. Don’t let yourself be fooled though, as rumour has it that Google+ will be expanding at a phenomenal rate in the next few months.

Many SEO and online marketing enthusiasts believe that the introduction of Google+ is just the beginning of Google’s personalised Internet approach. This is a big worry to SEO professionals as it means a total change in direction from the norm.

You may have noticed in recent months, the addition of the ‘plus one’ button to the search results page on Google. Well this should give you a taste of what is to come. Google seem to be moving towards a new type of search and G+ will be a big part of this. By +1’ing a post, article, blog or website you are indicating that this is something you find interesting. It seems that this will have a large part to play in search results in the future.

Imagine a friend of yours is looking for let’s say a local plumber, they Google “plumber, London” for example. You have already given your thumbs up to a certain plumber by +1’ing them. Because you and your friend are both connected on Google+, this is going to be one of the first results in the search. Your friend can see that you have recommended the plumber which means he has gotten the best result possible. Personalised search is going to be the way of the future, so if you’re not yet on the G+ bandwagon then I urge you to sign up now.

This of course is not the only difference between G+ and other social network sites. Google has also introduced the ‘Google Hangout’. This eliminates the need to run another voip program while surfing. You can create an area where you and your circles can chat easily via any mobile or smart device. With a capability to conference with up to 10 people on video cam, this is certain to be a sure fire winner amongst business people and families alike.

Facebook have recently released ‘Facebook timeline’, which will take a lot of attention from G+ later this month when it is rolled out to all users. So listen and wait, because I would put money on G+ upping the stakes before the year is out and then the battle of the Social Networks can begin in earnest. Watch this space.

Izaak is a keen blogger. His pet topics are social media and SEO, but he also writes for some of his clients, who include No1 Traveller, operators of a Heathrow Airport Lounge, as well a commercial gritting contractor

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