Google’s Nexus 2 Will be Launched at Christmas


Google Nexus One
Nexus One was not a particularly successful product and by 2010, it has started to capsize. But Google has achieved its goal: to show the world that it can develop an excellent mobile operating system. With the release of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), Google is planning to give it another try with Nexus Two.

Although there’s no official confirmation yet, City AM, a London daily business newspaper revealed that Google has signed a contract with a British company, Carphone Warehouse to distribute its upcoming smartphone. Sources indicate that gadget is being referred internally as Nexus Two. Little else is known about this phone except that it will be powered by the new Android 2.3, nicknamed Gingerbread.

This move is interpreted as a new strategy performed by Google. Previously, with Nexus One, most of its business strategy was focused on direct sales through its website. With Nexus Two, Google may want potential users to see and touch the gadget before buying, which may attract less determined users.

If the rumors are true, Google will have a new product in the market to directly compete with Apple at Christmas. The Internet giant is planning to update its current Android 2.2 (Froyo), although it is proven to be reliable and can run tablets at full speed.

With Nexus Two, Google can solidly maintain its presence in the phone industry, as well as competing with its closest rivals. This may avoid one of the main problems that is currently affecting Android: fragmentation. It is true that Android has been able to perform well and has become the benchmark for many users and developers, but the freedom offered by Google on the use of Android means that there are no two identical devices in the market, which has affecting consumers who rely on lagging phone manufacturers. For example, although Froyo is already available everywhere, there are users who still can’t move beyond version 1.6. To make matter worse, many Android devices are filled with carriers’ bloatware which is often useless for many users and can’t be easily removed.

The gadget appears to have a tapering rear panel that makes it feels thinner when held. The display is predicted to be a 4” Super AMOLED and the overall look may make it similar with Galaxy S. However unlike Galaxy S, Nexus Two is equipped with a front-facing camera and according some sources, the mock-up model still uses a very buggy version of Android.

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