Got a Minute? 3 Ways to Turn Lost Minutes into Meaningful Ones


In our hectic world, many of us feel as though we can’t get anything done and barely have the time to complete our to-do list. But it doesn’t have to be that way. To make you feel more accomplished, sometimes all you have to do is devote a few minutes towards a worthy task. To get you started, we came up with these 3 suggestions, ranging from serious to entertaining.

Learn something new

We often make the mistake of thinking that learning something takes a lot of time and give up even before we started. Truth of the matter is, if you want to acquire knowledge you can totally do it one minute at a time. You can try learning just one new word in a language you don’t yet speak, visiting a random Wikipedia page and reading about a historical event or famous person, or solving a puzzle. There are plenty of ways to boost your brain and a minute spent learning will always be well spent.

Turn it into win

Winning something, even if it’s relatively small, can give you a nice mood and confidence boost. If you have a minute to spare and would like to remember what feeling like a winner is like, try one of the many social gaming apps available in the app stores. Apps like 88 Fortunes include a variety of slot machine games you’ll recognize from your last visit to the casino, and they all offer jackpots and prizes you’ll love. Give them a spin whenever you get the chance and go back to your schedule a few minutes later, feeling a whole lot better about yourself.

Clear your mind

If you can only spare a minute, that means you’re running a tight and stressful schedule. Use your time to take a deep breath, meditate or just do nothing! Productivity hacks are wonderful, but we could all use a short break every once in a while. It may not seem as if you’re accomplishing much, but trust us, you are.

Got any other suggestions? Tell us all about it in the comments. Hey, it only takes a minute!

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