Great Cell Phones For Seniors


Some older folks adapt to technology very readily, but others are a little more hesitant (or stubborn) to start using cell phones. There are cell phones that match any senior needs with advanced features or with simpler features, depending on what they are looking for. It is important that the elderly have access to communication, and it is simply a matter of safety most of the time.

Accessible keypads

Larger Keypads are optimal for use of those whose eyes just aren’t what they used to be, and can’t seem to see these “darn small buttons” on mobile phones. There are plenty of choices on the market to find the perfect cell phone for a senior you know or for yourself. There are mobile phones that are targeted for beginner cell phone users. These are great phones for elderly folk who are new to cell phones, and these cell phones offer basic tutorials for the seniors. Some phones will also come ready with larger screens for seniors to be able to see as well.


GPS is a great feature for seniors that are aging, and seem to lose their way a lot. There are models that are designed for simple tracking for seniors. This is especially good for the elderly who are beginning to get disoriented, and often find themselves getting lost. It also encourages seniors to explore new places if they desire, and keep their mind active. You can program the GPS to their favorite place, so that they can just click on where they want to go and directions will come up automatically.

Panic button

Another great senior oriented feature is the panic button devices. These devices only have on button that will contact emergency services when they need it. This is a cheap method to make sure the elderly can get emergency services if they need them. When seniors make a fall sometimes that just can’t get to a phone, and all they will have to do now is press a button. Also, seniors who are a little more stubborn with getting new technology are more willing to give in to the practicality of a panic button.

Before pushing any technology on an older person make sure to talk to them about it first. Those who are a little less unwilling may become more stubborn if you don’t talk to them about it first. Sometimes just talking to them about safety issues will help or showing them pictures of their grandchildren will encourage them. You also can offer to pay the bill if you want to make them more willing to except the new technology in their life.

Guest post by Mateusz, founder of LookupExpert offering cell phone number lookup service.

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