Hanvon has Redefined Innovation and Style


Hanvon has redefined innovation and style

Since 1988, Hanvon is creating innovative and trendy products to facilitate the people. Hanvon is a World leader in intelligent pattern recognition technology. It also provides design and development of handwriting recognition. Hanvon Biometric and Optical Character Recognition provides it an edge over other companies that provide consumer electronics.

Hanvon will display its 6 products at CeBIT 2011. Hanvon Hpad and Hanvon Touchpad are the Tablet PCs with innovative features. Hanvon’s understands the importance of Tablet in today’s World that’s why it has plunged into this field. Touchpad has been made in cooperation with Microsoft and Intel, which are already famous for their innovative products and offerings. This Hpad is basically for businessmen with varying business needs. It is also known as “iPad killer”. It runs on Microsoft Windows 7. Hpad is a complete portable package of leisure, office and entertainment for businessmen. It runs on Android 2.2, it is smart in looks with 10.8mm thickness.

Hanvon Biometric and Optical Character Recognition is unique and innovative invention of Hanvon. Hanvon F710 is a complete Biometric solution in which Facial Recognition system with leading “Dual-sensor” is integrated with Facial recognition Algorithm. Hanvon SenTIP is the blend of HD LCD and Graphics Tablet Technology. It can be used for multi-purpose, with the help of projection screen it can be used for demonstrations and other functions. Hanvon SenTIP (Pen display) is a unique passive electromagnetic pressure sensitive technology. LED-backlit display technology produces bright and natural color effects in it.

Hanvon Art Master III and e-book readers will also be displayed at CeBIT 2011. Hanvon Art Master III is the Professional Graphics Tablets. Hanvon knows the importance of digital technology that’s why it wants to facilitate its customers with the latest products of technology. Hanvon will display its two e-book readers at CEBIT i.e. WISE reader and large-screen color WISE reader with 9.7-inches E INK screen. It also supports the Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.

If research and development department of Hanvon will keep on innovating trendy products, soon it will gain immense popularity globally. Hanvon knows the importance of Gadgets that’s why it is utilizing its energy to produce high-tech products.


Hanvon Leads the Trend of New-Generation Consumer Electronics Products

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