HD Avatar Game Released By GameLoft For Android Devices


Lately, Mobile game developers and Publishers GameLoft released a new game for all the users of devices who are using Google’s Android operating system. The new game released by GameLoft is named as Avatar. As the name suggests, the game is based on the latest mega flick James Cameron Avatar which stunned the audience across the world and broke world records and box office records when it was released.

Basically, the idea behind releasing Avatar game is to propagate the Blue World that James Cameroon created in the movie to a smaller screen and to the mobile screens of Android-based cellphones.

And as far as the reviews which the game has raked in, GameLoft has been successful in replicating that particular environment for the mobile phones as well. The game sends players in a simulated world where the inhabitants of the Planet Pandora fight against the invading human beings to take their planet back from the Human species.

The story in the game is set about a past timeline as compared to Avatar Movie. The story which unfolds in the movie occurs about 20 years ago to what is shown in Avatar Movie.

As it was expected, the game released on Android phones contains loads of features and options and houses wide range of appealing features that include mainly the stunning graphics that would indeed attract the users of the Android powered Smartphones. The company has released an interesting description about the game. Here is an excerpt from it:

-Go on a journey of exploration, adventure and danger in an unimaginable alien world. Fight for survival in highly difficult and tense levels. Expose a genuine and interesting story which occurs 20 years ago to what is shown in Avatar Movie.

The game is not available in Android Market yet, but all the interested users can view and demo play the game on GameLoft website to get to know what the game offers.

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