HDTV 42 Inches from Hitachi LE42S704


HDTV 42 Inches from Hitachi LE42S704

There was a time when HDTV was all round hitting the market with its true colors and sharpness. After seeing the wall mount HDTV from Hitachi I could not control myself without watching. It gives me immense pleasure and excitement when I watch my favorite sports in Hitachi LE42S704.


This model from Hitachi measures 42 inches with a clear glossy LED panel. It contains four HDMI inputs and a swivel base around its bottom. It is priced $1199.


Superb color and stunning sharpness was its major plus point.


The quality of the picture is not worthy if taken out of TV option. The picture is not at all good when you are watching something else other than TV.


Normally consumers who buy Television belong to two different categories. One type is the person who bothers very much about the quality of picture and the other type is the one who just don’t bother about it. This model from Hitachi satisfies the first type of person who gives great importance to picture quality. Since the price is expensive at 1199 dollars it is meant for the consumer who cares for high definition. If you are relaxing yourself on Sunday and changing different channels for getting the high quality picture then this brand is entirely for you only.

Once you install the set and getting ready for watching your favorite game you will be shocked to see the quality. The quality is highly saturated which makes you color blind. The setting control given by HDTV is not of much help. It looks better if kept in professional mode. However, even in this mode the picture looks very subdued if there is no ambient light.

I admit that I am not a type of person who has enough knowledge about video calibration and something related to that matter. However as a common man I have seen many HDTV in my experience only this model is worth watching. After it was standardized making enough adjustments you can be happy watching the true colors and good quality picture.

The LED panel measures only 1.5 inch and is enough for backlighting the TV. The set almost looked like a wall hanging when it was switched off. Not a single element was extravagant or unnecessary in the system. Hitachi has enough experience in manufacturing HDTV and this model is something special for them.

One silly thing which I observed in this model is the power chord which is in-built and cannot be removed from the set. This may be hindrance for you if you need very short wire and the effort of hiding the lengthy power chord may really be challenging.  In this modern era, producers depend only on updates for solving any problem.

You can ignore the small defects which come along with the system. That is made good by the picture quality. This model does not support any additional feature like IPTV apps or 3Dimensional effect, but still it is good and worth for its price.

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