How Binder Is Reinventing The Way You Watch TV?


Some people argue that the days when television used to rule the nation are over. The surge of the internet and the proliferation of mobile devices have left many TVs to collect dust in dark corners of rooms. Cable companies have lost a staggering amount of subscribers, and tech giants like Google are getting into web-based content platforms. However, innovative entrepreneurs have no intention of declaring capitulation. Technology does not make TV redundant, it only changes the way we engage in the viewing experience.

The Next Best Thing

Layer’s 3 CEO Jeff Binder understands this more than anyone, and is aspiring to reinvent the way people watch television. He envisioned the future that does not include cutting the cable, and goes beyond the outdated practices. Binder is aware that not everyone is eager to try out new stuff, but he has a simple solution- to be better than anyone else on the market. That way he aims at servicing millions of subscribers from one center which holds powerful supercomputer and satellites.

How Binder Is Reinventing The Way You Watch TV?

The takeover tactic embraces the value of sublime quality. It comes in the form of the crystal-clear picture, appealing design, and impeccable customer service. One of the prime goals is to avoid frustration and confusion linked to TV novelties. The sheer volume of available options is a bit overwhelming and makes many migrate to the Internet. Another problem is fees that make a package jam-package with prime channels cost a pretty penny.

Well, Layer3 combines pay TV channels with web-based video and provides an excellent guide for users. It also learns your habits, displaying the content that you are leaning towards. What is more, everything can be downloaded quickly, you can add live Twitter and Facebook feed updates to the screen, or go to the YouTube. Finally, series from Netflix and Hulu are displayed alongside rich on-demand offerings. All these features will surely help Layer3 gain a head start on the market.

How Binder Is Reinventing The Way You Watch TV?

Video Killed the Radio Star

Yet, the greatest competitive advantage lies elsewhere. Namely, Binder wants to reduce the amount of bandwidth which is needed to transmit the video. A typical web video requires an Internet connection with the download speed between 10 and 15 megabits per second. When a whole lot of viewers start consuming video content, it is a potential problem for cables that carry the Internet. Companies like Netflix have tackled the issue, enabling the transmission of data at just three megabits for standard, and five megabits for HD quality.

However, even the best of the best depend on Internet service providers for transmitting data. Layer3 on the contrary, handles its own IP network. He has struck deal with infrastructure companies to get the signal into homes and manage your bandwidth directly. On top of that, Binder claims to be able to send HD video at less than four megabits per second. This means that the services are accessible to most users, but to make sure that everything will run smoothly, one can conduct the internet speed test.  

How Binder Is Reinventing The Way You Watch TV?

And we all know, public internet can sometimes become a slow lane jammed with traffic. That is why Binder cut out the middlemen, although this is not to say that Layer3 is Internet TV. It might get there, and even if not, it still offers a plethora of great benefits. It also helps that the engineer shows up precisely at an appointed hour, driving a BMW. He will give you a small top-box, after which an easy installation process takes you straight to the future of cable TV.

Hitting Big

Despite the prevailing wisdom that the cable is dying, something else seems to be happening. Binder is determined not to abandon the cable, but to take it to the next level: Layer3 is shaping up to become the next big thing in the cable sector. The secretive startup is now a hot topic, and is moving to steal the show and make it fit for the great challenges of the digital age. With top-notch technical capacities, clear vision, great customer service and rich features, there is no reason to doubt in the Binder’s ingenious project.

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