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How Businesses Can Reach Customers Online


Any successful business is going to need to be able to reach its customers. In times past, that would be accomplished by using a billboard, advertising in the Yellow Pages or placing an ad on television. While those methods still have some value, a greater marketing opportunity exists on the Internet.

Use Social Media

If you are not using social media to reach your customers, you are doing yourself a disservice. Most people under the age of 25 almost exclusively use Google or Bing to find information on anything from homework to what restaurant to visit. Even if someone isn’t on a computer, that person can still be on the Internet through their mobile device. Social media is always available for your marketing message to be heard

QR Codes

The rise of phones with web surfing ability gives businesses a unique ability to merge online marketing with physical marketing. By placing a QR code on a product, a customer with a scanner app can take a picture of that code and be taken instantly to a company website to get more information on that product.

Taken in another direction, a marketing representative can hand out business cards with QR codes on them so that customers can go online to research the company and its products later on.

Master SEO And Master Google

Good SEO will place you atop the search engine rankings where customers can easily find you. Being in tune with what customers will be searching for, combined with relevant content, will yield a lot of customers finding you online and coming to your site. This will hopefully lead to increased sales.

Taking this a step further, a company can combine its social media presence with its SEO practices. Twitter and Facebook are great ways to get your company name out there and cause people to start searching for your company. The more searches your company generates, the higher up Google is going to put your company in the search results. The key is to become an authority in your industry using Google and SEO.

Let Your Audience Reach You

When you combine good SEO with solid marketing in the physical world, you will see that your audience will come to you in no time. The Internet is all about leaving your trail out there and allowing others to link back to you. Knowing how to use available technology will go a long way toward attracting the market base that you are after while attracting others just because they want to know what all the hype is surrounding your product.

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