How Can You Be Sure You Buy A Genuine Lexmark Colour Toner Cartridge?


Those that want to buy a Lexmark colour toner cartridge do this due to the fact that the quality that is offered is among the highest in the industry. Unfortunately, people that are looking for these items often find themselves with cartridges that are not genuine while having paid a full price tag. That is especially the case when you buy Lexmark toner cartridges from the internet.

Unfortunately, the World Wide Web made it really easy for people to sell products that are fake at prices that are associated with the genuine models. Dishonest sellers take advantage of the fact that users do not know a lot about cartridges and will sell fake items at full prices. In order to be sure that you buy genuine Lexmark toner cartridges, we recommend that you consider the following really important facts.

How Can You Be Sure You Buy A Genuine Lexmark Colour Toner Cartridge?

Buying From Reputable Online Cartridge Stores

This is the best thing that you can do. Reputation is the deciding factor in analyzing an online store that sells printer cartridges. As an example, Printzone stocks Lexmark colour toners and is respected in Australia as a legit shop.

In the event that you buy from an online cartridge store that recently appeared on the market, you have no way of assessing if the products offered are exactly what is advertised. With older stores that have been in business for a long period of time you can find reviews that are written by past customers. This is important since when there are many complaints that are associated with a specific product, you can be sure that there is a problem with the products sold.

Checking Cartridge Codes Online

Protecting the brand is highly important for Lexmark. Even the affordable Lexmark colour toners will feature security features that help you to identify a genuine unit. Do not simply assume that you are faced with a genuine model simply because the store owner says so. It is always better to check. Fortunately, Lexmark has made this really easy.

The genuine Lexmark colour toner features a special 12 digits code. You will want to write that down and then use it on the official Lexmark website. Simply entering the code inside the form online will be enough to see if you received something that is original.

At the same time, keep in mind that some of the Lexmark toner cartridges have a special holographic security lable. On it there is a label ID number and a QR code. A lack of a holographic label automatically means that you need to be careful as the Lexmark colour toner might not be genuine.

Buying Genuine Lexmark Colour Toner Cartridges

As you can easily notice, it is not at all difficult to identify a genuine Lexmark colour toner cartridge. Simply follow the indications above and you are faced with the possibility of quickly figuring out if what you bought till now is legit. Always buy a small quantity of cartridges when you first make a purchase from a store so that you can check and see if the original is delivered or not.

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