How Connectivity Has Become The Life Of A Business


How Connectivity has Become the Life of a Business

There is an elegant visual similarity between the human circulatory system which sustains every cell in the body and the communications networks that snake across the country and the world to imbue businesses with life and longevity. As with humanity, there has been a distinct evolutionary arc to connectivity that has far from reached its pinnacle.

Even the most modern systems are imperfect, but the pressures of the market are helping to shape and hone them, allowing the connectivity options that are fittest for purpose to survive while older models die out. No contemporary company will communicate by telegraph, for example, but you can still see the DNA passed on from this near-ancient electronic form of communication in the technologies used today.

For businesses, connectivity has become so important that any outage in a service, no matter how brief, can be very costly. Companies can now pick and choose from providers based on their uptime history and since connections are now used for the digital exchange of data, not just analogue voice communications, resilience is an even bigger priority.

Of course, businesses in general still need to make voice calls, but while analogue services are still in wide use many companies are increasingly turning to VoIP (voice over IP) in order to get in touch with customers, colleagues and clients.

VoIP is important for modern businesses because it gives users the same interpersonal interaction as is available via traditional calls, but channels this through a digital network which does not require the same in-house infrastructure as analogue services. In addition, the cost of calling itself is lower or free, depending on the service being harnessed by the person at the other end of the line.

As such, VoIP is often employed not only as a way of making telephony more convenient, but also reducing the amount that businesses have to spend on sustaining a network of internal extensions with access to external numbers.

Increased data rates made available by mobile data connections are making VoIP a viable option on portable devices.

Modern smartphones can access the same services as fixed-line handsets, with widely available Wi-Fi hotspots helping to fill the gaps in 3G coverage so that business users can make VoIP calls when they are out and about.

This allows for a level of consistency in communication and connectivity that was previously absent and is just one of the ways that modern services are helping businesses break the bonds of the office workspace and give staff a more flexible approach to doing their jobs, which do not need to be geographically limited.

Landline services are still integral to modern connectivity, although copper wiring is being phased out in favour of fibre optic technology. However, wireless connectivity is also an increasingly important concern for companies, both in the office and out in the field.

While existing 3G networks are sometimes sufficient, the push towards 4G technology is what will help to sustain the data desires of enterprise users going forwards.

Mobile VoIP, video conferencing and a wealth of other services need to be accessed wirelessly, but as the power and complexity of smartphones and tablets increase, so too will the need to give them access to a constant, high-speed stream of data.

The computerisation of systems within businesses of all sizes and across all industries and sectors has meant that connectivity is increasingly seen as the lifeblood required to keep operations afloat. Even local businesses can tap into global set-ups that help to bring economic benefits to disparate areas, wherever commercial interests are shared.

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