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How Facebook Can Help You With School


How Facebook Can Help You with School
Normally, when you think of Facebook, you think of funny photos, cute posts, and connecting with friends and family. Also, you typically think about it as a major distraction when you have an exam looming around the corner. However, it can be a great tool when it comes to your classes if you utilize it correctly. There are many ways to use Facebook to help you in school such as online study groups, tips on professors, and access to other people’s knowledge.

Online Study Groups
Get together with a few people from each of your classes and create a Facebook group used for posting questions and answers. Most universities have Blackboard for this, but Facebook is more widely accessible, and let’s face it, you are already logged on anyways. When studying for an exam, post questions that you do not know the answer to, and get a response from someone in your class. You might also get a quicker response from a student on Facebook than from a teacher’s assistant on email. It is also a good way to organize in-person study groups when texting or calling each person individually is too pesky.

Teacher Evaluations
Many professors are listen in online evaluation sites like Rate My Professor, but some are not. Posting a quick status on Facebook asking your friends what they about a particular instructor could help guide you to a professor that is more suitable for your learning style. Also, your friends might have tips on how or what to study for those professor’s exams if they have taken the class before. Be wary though, some friends might bash a professor that they disagreed with but that you might like, so try to get several opinions.

Professional Pages or Fan Pages
Many current people you are learning about might have a Facebook page or a fan page. Posting any questions to these pages could give you detailed responses. While posting to the person’s actual page, if possible, would be preferable, fan pages can be helpful as well. The people on the fan page are knowledgable or familiar with the person’s work, and might be able to answer your question or direct you to information that can.

A Sense of Community
Recent research suggest that social networking helps students feel a sense of community, which can lead to better adjustment at school and better grades. Joining groups on Facebook that are associated with the school can make you feel more involved and comfortable with classes and activities on your campus. It is also a great way to make friends, which can make you feel well-adapted to your school and therefore give you a better mindset for your classes.

Use Facebook as a Reward
Many times when trying to study, you find yourself unable to log off Facebook. Instead of trying to ban yourself from it, which never works, use it as a reward. Study for 30 minutes, and then allow yourself to get on Facebook for 3 minutes. Knowing that you will get a break soon will keep you focused for the time being.

This and many other educational articles helping educate people on the use of social media have been prepared for you by Travis Lee thanks to SEOMap you can read more articles by SEOMap here.

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