How Many Parts Make Up A Computer?


Staring at my computer and slurping a cup of tea whilst waiting for something to load a random question enters my head. How many parts make up a computer? I’m sure its a question that is answered on day one of any IT course, but being a little older and long in the tooth for all that classroom stuff its a little question that I will have to find my own answer to!

Using my standard approach to finding the answer to any question I have, I google it (I wonder if ‘google’ has yet made it into the Oxford English Dictionary as a verb?). Taking the simplistic approach, I type “how many parts make up a computer” and the answer really quite surprises me!

The average answer is ranges from a measly 7 to an equally nominal 11 – given the seemingly endless array of components out there I thought it would be a whole lot more!

I guess a simple question is nearly always rewarded with a simple answer, and here are the basics:

1. A Case – To keep everything safe and secure in one tidy bundle.

2. A CPU or Central Processor Unit – usually referred to as the ‘processor’ which can be thought of as the brains of the out fit.

3. A Motherboard – an essential component which links all other components together.

4. RAM or Random Access Memory – attached to the motherboard, used to access data.

5. A Hard Drive – The storage section, for all programmes files and data

6. A Power Supply – electrically powered devices are fairly useless without one!

7. A Monitor – to see what you and the computer are doing.

8. A Keyboard – to enter text commands.

9. A Mouse – the point and click interface.

10. A Disk Drive – to allow the use of portable storage such as cd’s or dvd’s.

There are of course numerous other computer parts which could be included but aren’t deemed essential if we are keeping things basic. Take the numerous cards out there – all of which connect into the motherboard and serve their own specific purposes. There are graphics cards, sound cards, controller cards and TV tuner cards. What about webcams, memory sticks.cooling fans and funky lighting?!

Perhaps some of the appeal of computers for so many stems from the fact that computer parts can be removed, changed and upgraded to create an almost unique piece of kit.

I am happy with the answer to my question that each pc is made up of at least 10 parts, and in most cases more.

Oh and if you too were wondering about the inclusion of google in the OED:


Pronunciation: /??u??l/


[with object] informal

search for information about (someone or something) on the Internet, typically using the search engine Google.

Now that you know all the computer parts you need for your computer it will be easy to get building the pc of your dreams!

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