How Online Gambling Has Improved Over The Years


As a business, online gambling has come a long way since the days of CD ROM. The Internet has allowed the industry to thrive, and complicated algorithms have created amazing graphics-charged spaces to test your luck. Investigation, regulation, and technological advancements have helped the online gambling industry become a global phenomenon in the last 20 years.

The Early Days of Online Gambling…

Believe it or not, but online gambling has been around since 1994. Since the turbulent days of AOL Online, people have been gambling from the comfort of their living rooms. Back then, gambling companies would send you a CD ROM, which you’d then install on your computer.

How Online Gambling Has Improved Over The Years

Then, you’d wait a long time for a connection. And, due to the slow speeds of the Internet, live action was difficult to achieve. Even connecting to just one other person could prove difficult, and timeouts and disconnections were almost guaranteed. Because computers had limited hardware (including graphics cards) the game’s sound and design also limited the player.

The single most important technological development in terms of online gaming was the development and enhancement of the Internet. Eventually, high-speed Internet was adopted by nearly every household. By augmenting its speed and power, the gambling companies were able to construct detailed live games (that actually stayed connected). The design and sound of the casino’s product grew in higher quality, and once flash technology was implemented, people were able to access cash games without downloading software.

Ongoing Improvement to Online Gambling…

Once over the first obstacles and developments, the gambling industry became more focused on games themselves. It wasn’t enough to simply offer traditional gambling, such as slots and poker. Players needed to be enticed, and so promotions got way more user friendly.

These changes attracted new players, and globally online gambling has become a very popular thing. People are attracted to truly good deals, such as a no deposit free play. For example, in Canada there are a number of no deposit casino bonuses on Grizzly Gambling found at their no deposit section. It’s these bonuses that increase the amount of registered players, and give new players an opportunity to review a casino and see if it’s for them.

The rise of mobile gambling applications is the latest improvement to online gambling. Games are more portable and personally tailored to the user. Online gamblers can play their games anywhere, including on break time at work.

Gambling Regulation and Supervision

Because the Internet can be a dangerous place, regulations and supervision is mandated by the government. Just like real-life casinos, online gambling must follow a strict code and is beholden to its users. Odds must be in accordance with the law, and they are monitored as are all facets of online gambling.

Since the 1990s, online gambling has grown and continues to grow and thrive. It’s not all been technological growth; although most of its success is because of advances in technology. Its growth can also be attributed to reaching a larger audience and offering sweet bonuses. With so much going on, it’s a good thing that these systems are regulated to be fair and within government guidelines.


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