How Steve Jobs Become Leader in Tech World


How Steve Jobs Become Leader in Tech WorldSteven Jobs was born on February 24th 1955. He was an American businessman. He was recognized as investor as well as initiator of the personal computer era. During his time, he served as a chairperson, chief executive officer, a co-founder in addition to a member of board of directors for many companies as well as organizations across the world.

Professional development

Some years down the line, Steven Jobs became a technician as well as a manufacturer mainly of video games.  He travelled broadly across the world searching for spiritual enlightenment.  For instance, during his trips, he happened to visit India. Back to his home town, his head was shaved and was wearing a traditional Indian garment. During this period, Job experimented with psychedelics which empowered his experience as well as understanding on LSD.  This is among his achievements.  Jobs believed that people around him who refuse to share his countercultural roots could not understand him especially the way he thought.

Career development

Steven Jobs along with other inventors as well as co-founders, came up with a design, developed it as well as marketed one of the best and the first commercially excellent lines of personal computers. Job was among the first inventors to see the potential mouse driven Xerox PARC’s.  This led to numerous inventions based on technology on the line.  Jobs formed a computer platform development company which was basically a specialization of higher- education in addition to business markets.

Jobs were accredited as an executive producer in toy stories after acquiring the computer graphics division. He later on became a CEO in a company with the majority of shareholders.  It is also worth recommending that Steven Jobs contributed a lot in the invention of iPod, Iphone as well as iPad. After numerous successful years of inventions, Steven Jobs was diagnosed with cancer which made him resign from many posts that he holds.

Steven jobs are a popular inventor as well as a leader in technology world.  He focused a lot on the personal computer line which was a successful. This also led to emergence of numerous computerized devices such as Ipad as well as Iphone.  Job is a well respectable man not only in his inventions but as a personality.

Steve’s Peak Career at Apples

However, Jobs career is much linked to apple that any other place in his long career. He was a co-founder of Apple, which is believed to have mushroomed from his father’s garage. However, later on he left Apple as the Board opted to side with Sculley. It was not until Apple purchased NeXT that Job returned to the company becoming a defacto CEO after ousting of Gil Amelia who the CEO then. He is credited with having returned Apple to profitability, an action that entailed termination of a number of projects. His skills, persuasion and criticism attracted both condemnation and admiration. He also led Apples entry into the phone industry with the introduction of iPhone and multi-touch phones. He is also credited with having enlarged the Apple recycling program to US customers who acquired Mac. He resigned from Apple in August, 2011 from his CEO position although he retained the board chairmanship position.

After suffering from cancer for a period of time, jobs died on October 5th, 2011 in his home at California.

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