How To Choose The Right Wall Lights For Your Home


The right lighting can tie up a room together and enhance its ambience manifold. Install mellow, elegant lighting in your living room, and you add instant charm and grace to it. Add bright lights with a dash of bright colours, and you can make the same room hum with youth and energy. Lighting can bring out the best in a room’s decor, make the colours of the wall pop, and highlight special features such as paintings and artwork.

Choosing wall lights for your home can seem like an exercise in madness, what with the huge variety available. But there is a method to this madness, a way to select wall lights that go best with your home:

1. Select a Theme
Everything starts with a theme. Before you can even start browsing wall lighting, you should decide on a theme for your room. This decision will impact not just your choice in wall lighting, but also the decor, furniture and paint. If you want elegant and sombre, you can pick yellow lights with a dimmer switch and antique, bronze detailing. If you want modern and minimalist, pick recessed lights or track lighting. For a more youthful feel, try out different colours, especially in track lighting. The lights – both in colour and design – should match with your decided theme, whether it is clean and 90’s minimalist, loud and 80’s brash, or retro/60’s chic.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Colour
While yellow lights have long been the standard in lighting, coloured lights in bright shades, including blue, red, and purple, can bring a room to life, especially when used subtly. You don’t need to drench a room in colours, but a few strategically placed coloured lights can breathe new life into your room.

3. Choose New Technologies
When picking wall lighting, you have the option of choosing standard incandescent bulbs, which consume an obscene amount of electricity and last not more than 6 months, or investing in high quality CFL or LED bulbs. LED lighting is the holy grail of wall lighting. Although they are expensive, their power consumption is extraordinarily low and they can last up to 25 years. For instance, a 17W LED tube has the same intensity as a 45W fluorescent tube, and is rated to last more than a decade. Further, LED lighting is also available in a variety of shades, giving you more options to choose from.

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