How To Create Professional Images For Your Web Design


When it comes to good web design there are multiple factors at play and all of these must work together to create a great cohesive whole. It’s no good then to have a great layout but poor navigation, and it’s no good to have a beautiful background if your font is illegible.

One of the very most important aspects in this equation is the images, and as these will decorate your pages and in many cases be the focus, it’s very important that they look professional and well-designed if you want your design to gel, and poor images will conversely damage the reputation of your site and make it look unprofessional.

One way to get these images is to use a professional web design company to design them for you and this is highly advisable when you first set up your web presence. However later on when you’re updating your pages you may have need to design your own images to add and this is where the challenge lies. Here we will look at how to create professional images that don’t make your site suddenly look amateurish.

3D Modelling: This is a fantastic way to create images that many people don’t think of and will produce professional 3D pictures that are original and that can serve a variety of purposes. There are a huge variety of 3D modelling programs out there from free downloads like CB Model Pro to cheap paid options like Rhinoceros 3D and using any of these you can create wireframes by drawing polygons and then have them filled in with textures of your choice. Whether you want to create a 3D model of a standard phone or device, or whether you want to make an abstract image using spheres and lighting effects, 3D modelling will give you this ability and will look far too technical to be anything other than a professional design. It takes a little learning and some of the programmes are more difficult to get started with than others, but once you’ve figured it out it will be highly useful for creating your images.

Photo Editing: Another very useful type of software is photo editing software. This means either PhotoShop or the free alternative Gimp in most cases, either of which provide you with options for air brushing, warping, creating layers and doing much more to create a much more professional looking image. You can use this by applying effects to a photograph or you can draw something very basic in Paint or with a graphics tablet and then make it look more professional by applying a filter or giving it a glow or a haze.

Photography: A photograph as is can be perfect for your site if you choose the right subject matter and if you have a high definition camera and some good settings. For a money blog for instance something as simple as laying a wad of cash and some coins on the table and taking a photo can be a perfect accompaniment to an article. Be ready to seize moments when they arise that could make good pictures, and make a table with a white back-board somewhere in your home where you can take good photos of things up close.

Alexander Shekaroff is a photographer and technology writer hailing from Toronto. Toronto website design company helps brands build lasting relationships with your customers and expands reach through increased conversions.

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