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How to Develop your Marketing Strategy in the Modern Age


Marketing is a big ask for many business leaders. After all, there’s so much else to be thinking about – from ensuring that the balance sheet is looking healthy to developing staff teams, there are so many different items on an entrepreneur’s to-do list. However, making time to engage with some of the most cutting-edge marketing strategies is pretty much essential.

Whether it’s setting up your firm to access Facebook’s two billion plus monthly active users or it’s ensuring that you have enough resources to staff a Twitter customer service help desk 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there are lots of ways to ensure that your marketing strategy is on point. This article will explain what you need to do in order to engage with the latest marketing solutions at your disposal.

Social media

Perhaps the most modern of all social media marketing methods is, of course, social media. Advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or indeed any of the myriad social media platforms now available is a common practice. It’s easy enough to post an advertisement on there: there are self-service platforms available for this purpose, while it’s also now possible to hire specialists who can do it for you.

You don’t necessarily have to shell out in order to make the most of the marketing potential of these sites, either. In fact, it’s often possible to get the most out of social media without even paying. If you have a knack for creating viral content, for example, then you may find that the architecture of these sites will do the hard work for you by encouraging users to share your content.

Other internet methods

There are plenty of other internet marketing methods available. Take search engine optimization: by tweaking your website’s content so that it is as Google-friendly as possible, you’ll be able to rise through the ranks of the internet in a marketing sense in no time at all. Email marketing, meanwhile, is still also popular – and provided you take steps to ensure that e-newsletters are not designated as spam and therefore re-routed to a user’s junk email inbox, you’ll stand a good chance of success.

If you’re planning to specialize in a particular area of web content, such as e-commerce, working with a specialist is a wise move given that there could be complexities involved – and you don’t want to put your budget at risk. An Amazon marketing agency can provide all sorts of assistance for sellers, including channel management and brand defense.

Stunts and events

However, while it may seem as though the internet marketing techniques of the modern age are all internet-focused in nature, that’s not actually the case. In reality, there are some innovative and cutting-edge marketing practices that don’t involve the web. After all, there are plenty of modern locations that are physical and “real-world” in nature, such as shopping malls. By setting up a stand in a shopping mall (with permission from the mall operators, of course), you’ll not only be able to find possible consumers, but you’ll also find them while they are in the buying frame of mind – which gives you an advantage over some internet-based marketing methods, where people may disregard your advert if they’re on the hunt for something non-commercial.

There’s also the phenomenon of the marketing “stunt”. A stunt is essentially a marketing trick designed to attract the attention of lots of people who are worth noticing: whether that’s consumers who might buy your products or journalists who might cover it in their publication, there are lots of possible opportunities here. From hiring an acrobat to perform moves in a town center to flying a helicopter with a funny message trailing behind it, there are lots of ways that you can stand out through stunts no matter what your message might be.

From the point of view of a marketer, the modern world is both a blessing and a curse. On the positive side, there are loads of different marketing strategies and locations from which to choose. On the negative side, it can be difficult to select one that is ideal given there are so many opportunities. However, by doing your research and mastering the power of both digital marketing and offline events, you’ll be able to develop a marketing strategy that uses the best that the modern world has to offer.

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