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WordPress is an insanely popular blogging platform these days. As such, wordpress themes are a very good way to show some individuality on your blog. How your blog looks says a lot about who you are and what you do. While you don’t need anything too fancy, you do need some things on the back end that will help you out a lot. While you work to produce the best possible content that your readership sees, a solid SEO framework in the back end will help you guide search engine traffic and gain new readers. The following are some ways to find great SEO enhancing themes.

Use Reputable Sample Sites

A lot of the themes out there nowadays come from sample sites. Many of these themes are actually available for free or at a very low cost. As a general rule, if the sample site is a reputable and well known one, you will be free of the danger of malware and other nasty code. Good sites want to stay known that way, so they’re very discriminating about what themes they accept and post, as well as the designers from whom they accept the themes. In a lot of cases, the themes are even designed in house, providing these types of samples with even more credibility.

Hire a Pro for a Custom Job

If you don’t want to take a chance by simply finding someone else’s theme, one of the best ways you can make sure your theme is optimized for the search engines is to have a professional design it especially for you. Naturally, having a custom theme designed for you is going to be a fairly expensive option. But ultimately, some bloggers consider this option to be the best because of its completely custom nature, both from an outward design perspective and from an internal SEO perspective.

Use Themes From Other Sites

A lot of designers are simply code vultures with some skill at alterations. Naturally, this is a totally legal way to do what the winners are doing. Provided you don’t plagiarize or do anything else that violates the intellectual property rights of anyone else, you’ll be just fine to borrow some code from the other sites.

Find Them Through Forums

While forums are not always trustworthy places to get information, some bloggers actually find success by asking around in these venues for good themes. A good theme forum can be a goldmine of winning themes.

Finding a great WordPress theme can give your blog a huge boost. There are tons of ways to find a great theme. While SEO isn’t everything, it is an important way to be found by potential readers.

About the Author: Kimi Gaboury loves designing WordPress sites and themes. She usually incorporates jquery wordpress slider plugins as well as other plugins for functionality and security!

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