How to Handle Duplicate Contents of Your Website?


Introduction of the duplicate content in SEO strategy

Updating a website with latest, unique and new content for the website is one of the most essential features of search engine optimization strategy. The website owner is required to work on producing new and unique content for the website whether it is in the form of blog writing, article writing, press releases or any other mode. Now a day there is an issue of duplicate content on the website. It means that a similar content is found on most of the websites, when you conduct search through searching engines.

How to handle the issue?

The question is how to deal with this duplicate content issue on the website? Most if the people are considering this point that how they can save the website from duplicate or copied material. Some of the points which can help you out in handling duplicate content could be as follows: the initial most things is to sort out copied pages by suing duplicate content checkers. As there are numerous copied content checkers available now on the internet. Most of the large companies use copied or duplicate content on their own websites, it is called inter copy scheme, like they use their own same material for example articles, blogs and press releases for number of times. They do not filter out content from the website in fact re use the same content.

Few other tactics for handling duplicate content

You need to use print version of the pages on the website in order to avoid duplicate content problem. The use of no index Meta tags for copied pages, it would help in solving this issue too. You need to not publish the content without checking it from duplicate checkers. Try not to publish the same content at different places on the website. Go for foolproof website structures and do not make the website appear very complex that it becomes difficult for you to clue that where the duplicate material is present.

Steps to follow for reducing the duplicate content issue

Try to keep the internet linking consistent. If you are going to syndicate the content, do syndicate it carefully. Minimize boiler plate repetition, this says that instead of adding very lengthy articles at the bottom of the page, try to write short briefings and then link to a page with more details. Do not add stubs as users do not want to see empty pages on the website. Do understand the content management system, that which material should be placed on which page of the website. Like blogs, forums, articles and press releases should not show the similar content in multiple forms.  Do not make various pages of the website by giving the same material; instead consolidate the two pages into one.

A canonical URL

The basic solution to the duplicate content problem is a canonical URL. There are several URL’s that leads to the same content which is creating problem on the website.

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