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How to Host Your Website on Dropbox for Free


A website, is it your dream? You can make it true without spending even single penny. Are you thinking I’m talking about free webhosting services? No, I know those free web hosting companies are using your interest on creating a website to make money. They will show ads on your web sites; In return of giving you free hosting.

Now you want to host your website online for free without depending on free web hosting companies? Then you are in perfect place now to learn how. Today in this guide, we are going to talk about hosting your website on Dropbox for free with using a free service called as Pancake.io

I think you already know about Drop box dot com, However, as a formality let me tell you something about it. Dropbox is a popular online file storage service and it’s totally free to join & use. Dropbox offer 5GB of free storage for every sign up, now you can use that 5gb of free storage to host your website, Its possible with help of pancake.io service. Interesting?? Yeah, I know.. Just scroll down and read how to do this.
Guide to host your website on Dropbox for free:

Step 1: First of all just you need to take a membership (account) on pancake.io website. Go to this url, click on sing up and fill up all mandatory columns to create your account.

Step 2: In this step, you have to connect your Dropbox account with your newly created pancake account.

Once you have done all sing up process on pancake.io, then it will automatically redirect your browser to Dropbox login page. I hope you already have a drop box account, log in there with your Dropbox id and password to link pancake account. Next just give all asked permissions to allow pancake to create some folders in your Dropbox. With this step, all initial process is done! Next you have to work on your website content part.

Step 3: You can create your web page content using HTML language. Make your page as you want using html codes. If you don’t have any idea about html, then as an alternative for coding, you can use Adobe Dream weaver software. Once you finished creating desired content then just save and upload it to “Apps/pancake.io” folder.

Step 4: Now open any file which you uploaded in apps/pancake.io folder, once you opened it, you will see an option called as “share”. Click on that share button and next click on “Copy Link” option. Now you will get your link to that file. That link works as url for your page, you can use it promote your page. That’s it, you done!

Pancake service helps your visitors to see you page, but they can’t edit that file. Remember one thing when using this method to host your site, Dropbox offer 10 GB traffic limit only daily for free account users. If you want more, you can upgrade your account.

Thanks for reading, Go and create your free web site using this guide. Share your experience with us using comments.

Author bio: Sai Krishna is a blogger from india, He blogs at Android , Blogging tips blog.

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