How to Make an iPad the Greatest Gadget for Movie Lover?


Many who previously had zero interest in buying the iPad now are declaring themselves as proud owners of the device. Yes, it seems like an oversized iPhone, but it’s really so much more than that and has the energy to change the whole mobile realm forever.

Even if you’re not tempted by this short assessment to pick one up, it’s a good idea to immediately try it, it’s important to realize that an iPad has the flexibility to be movie buffs’ best friend. Check out these great apps, which may make any film fanatics hooked with the iPad.

  • iTunes:

    How to Make an iPad the Greatest Gadget for Movie Lover?

    An opportunity to purchase a full length film on iTunes has become a big attraction. Being able to play a film on a 9.7-inch display as opposed to the iPod Touch’s smaller display is unquestionably a game changer. The real question is whether you need to buy or to rent a movie? Of course, renting can be a better option considering renting one cost only $3.99 while buying it will set you back to around $14.99, but renting a movie comes with an expiration date. Usually, you have only 24 hours to finish a movie, just like renting a physical DVD. If you’re a big fan of certain movies, such as Lords of the Rings and Star Wars series, it’s a good idea to buy them instead.

  • Netflix:

    How to Make an iPad the Greatest Gadget for Movie Lover?

    Not only you can seamlessly edit your queue (with WiFi connectivity), it also provides instant streaming. Of course, you can choose a movie in the ‘Watch Instantly’ section and immediately play it in full 9.7″ glory. With a proper Internet connection, the film quality is pristine.

  • IMDb:

    How to Make an iPad the Greatest Gadget for Movie Lover?

    Hands down the ultimate resource for all movies. The app interface is nicely designed, simple and provide quick access to relevant information, including ratings, TV schedules, showtimes, and more. Upon choosing a specific film, the images and poster of the casts are brightly shown with additional facts neatly presented in text below. The entire basic information can be seen at a glance, with more details just a tap away.

  • iBooks:

    With book adaptations being more popular in Hollywood, you should have the original reading material on your fingertips. Books may vary in price, but a book of new and popular movie may cost as much as $12.99. Why don’t you toss the paperback and go for a digital version? The application offers a search function and gives you the chance to scan the whole book for specific words or phrases. On top of that, you can make the font smaller or bigger and you can put a bookmark anywhere you like by simply tapping a single word. One big disadvantage to iBooks is its limited books selection, however that’s where Kindle comes in. Fortunately, Kindle for iPad is free. You can download both for a broader selection.

A true movie buff will surely want to get the coolest images from their favorite films. Computer wallpapers can make for great iPad decoration. Simply go to the Google, type the movie title, for example ‘Cloverfield wallpapers’, you’ll find many sites that provide them, choose those with 1024 × 768 resolution or resize them, sync them to your iPad and set an image as your home screen, lock screen or both.

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