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So you’ve just started your blog and you need content that’s interesting, unique and full of insight. What most people don’t know about content is that it needs to be Google friendly as well.  Depending on a few factors, such as the power of your site and PPC, your content won’t always reach the top when someone searches for a specific topic. That’s why you need to make your content as SEO friendly as possible so that your blog page will be indexed quickly and will appear in the top ten results.

Here are a few tips you can use to make your seo content appealing to Google and it’s crawlers.

When writing your title you have to sit down and decide how you can insert your keyword in your title. If your keyword is a long tail keyword then at least use a part of your keyword in the title. Readers also enjoy concise lists of topics or features so you rarely can go wrong with “Top 5 of …” or “Use these top 10 tricks in ….”

Using your headings is crucial because it gives your content structure and Google see headings in ranks of importance. Your title is an H1 so it uses the H1 as an indication of what the article is about. Try using your keyword in one of your H2 or H3 headings.

Content and Keyword density
When writing an article you need to make it link worthy as well as optimized. To optimize your content it should be at least more than 250 words and you should have a keyword density of at least 2%. Mention your keyword at least twice if you didn’t fit a keyword in a heading.

Meta data
When writing a meta description for your article it should be no less than 170 characters and should contain your keyword as well as being descriptive about the article, your article is intended for humans after all.

Internal linking
Internal linking should be used in all your articles that are relevant. If you wrote an article about how amazing Spiderman was and then wrote a second review on the latest Spiderman ,a few years later, you should link the two articles with internal linking.

Plug ins
There are many SEO friendly plug-ins for your blogging platform that you can use to optimize your blog. Start reading about the top ten articles for your blog (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr).

Lastly remember that you need to make the content viral enough to share and shouldn’t over optimize your article that it actually becomes unreadable. A good example is converting all your headings to H2 or stuffing your article with your keyword.

Ruan Smit loves seo and he always enjoys helping people who needs advice on any search engine optimization tips and advice.

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