How To Participate In Off-Page SEO To Grow Your Business


In order to find the clients you need to grow your company and be profitable, you need to know how to draw more traffic to your company’s website. Search Engine Optimisation experts use both on-page and off-page SEO strategies to attract web searchers to a website and you can help by participating in some off-page activities.

How To Participate In Off-Page SEO To Grow Your Business

What is Off-Page SEO?

There are two types of SEO that are used to attract traffic to websites: on-page and off-page. On-page SEO refers to everything that goes into the coding of a website. It refers to things like the meta description, the titles used on a web page, the alt tags, and anything else involving the technical aspects of creating a website.

Off-page SEO refers to the activities done off the website to help it rank higher on search engines results pages in order to attract more traffic. Some of these activities include creating a blog on your website, using social media, building links, and getting your site listed in local directories. Although you may hire an SEO company in Auckland to help with your company’s website, you can also participate in these off-page activities.

Creating a Blog

One of the best ways to increase the traffic to your website is to create a blog and update it frequently. Even if you are not a great writer, you should still blog because it will help potential clients notice your site when you post about your company and its products or services. A blog can be used to give your web visitors a reason to keep going back to your site and it will help improve your search engine rankings because the search engines will “crawl” or search your site more frequently as your blog is updated.

Along with promoting your company’s products or services, you can introduce the people who work at your company and answer frequent customer questions or address their concerns. You can blog about almost anything related to your business to help web visitors get to know your company better and to build a rapport with them.

Social Networking

Posting on your social media accounts is another way you can help with off-page SEO to draw traffic to your site. Whether it is posting a link to the blog post on Twitter or Facebook or sharing an image on Facebook or Pinterest, you can help create links to your website, as well as interact with your clients. You can answer your clients’ concerns, thank them for their business, or answer the questions posed to you through your social media accounts.

Whether it is through your blog or social media sites, you should always react to comments and questions professionally so you don’t alienate any clients or potential clients who follow you on social media sites. Being courteous will help your company gain a good reputation, and people will be more likely to give you their business if you treat them with respect. Participating in off-page SEO is a good way for you to help your company grow.

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