How to Quit an App on Nokia Lumia 800


Applications are an important factor of usage in all smart phones today. The new Nokia Lumia 800 is based on the new Windows Mobile 7.5 operating system. The Windows Mobile platform has thousands of applications listed on the App Marketplace for download. There is an app for every need ranging from a simple email client, office suite to a CRM application that can be installed on the phone and used.

You also might be well addicted to Nokia OVI store which is bringing much more useful apps from the Symbian developers as well as Windows 7 and Mango developers now. And being on the Windows mobile platform you can be assured to load your handset with lots of mobile application which are not only usable in daily life but also gives you phone new capabilities to explore.

While you are getting used to have your pocket device fulfilled with several amazing apps, you are also likely get into the problems of managing them efficiently. Which also means that you need to know what all apps are running on your device and how to close them properly, so that they don’t drain the battery or don’t use up unnecessary memory spaces.

How to Quit an App on Nokia Lumia 800?

Once you have started using an app, it will consume some phone resources like phone memory and processor power. You will have to quit the applications that you are not presently using to ensure that your phone does not slow down.

You can quit an app by following these step by step instructions:

  1. Go to the application that you want to quit
  2. Press the Back Button at the bottom of the phone
  3. Tap on Kill App

You have successfully quit an app on Nokia Lumia 800.

Nokia made a bold move by dropping their popular Symbian operating system that had millions of apps designed for it in favor of Windows Mobile 7.5. Microsoft has also been trying to get as many different categories of applications as possible on this platform.

Installing apps on Nokia Lumia 800 is a rather straightforward process. You have to tap the plus icon on the Start Screen to add that particular app. Nokia also provides app suggestions based on the apps already installed on your phone.

Some of the most popular apps which should be quit as soon as their usage is over:

  • Maps: This app is useful to find places and directions to a particular place
  • Calendar: The calendar app keeps track of to-do lists and event lists
  • Alarm: This is a basic alarm app that allows you to set an alarm for a particular time
  • Office: The Microsoft Office Mobile suite allows you to make use of the robust office suite on the go

If you find that your phone is using up lot of battery power or becoming slow and you need to restart it time to time, then try some of the task manager apps from the OVI store which should give you clear idea of the apps and services running on your device. You can also kill those unnecessary apps from those task manager applications. Since Nokia Lumia 800 is based on Windows, several interesting apps should catch you eye. Task manager apps are really cool when you want to know the details of your phone and play with it.

So when you get to use your phone more efficiently you will no longer be complaining about its performance. A lot of performance problems are caused because user of those phones never shut down the apps they are running. They have grown up habit of clicking the red call end buttons or the Windows button at the middle of the phone and going back to the home screen. They again start other apps and do the same. That’s what we should not be doing anymore.

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