How to Rank Your Application High in iStore?


Having a highly rated application on iStore is a major concern for all mobile app developing companies now days. A lot of companies around the globe are developing innovative and creative applications to amuse the users with unique features. But why not every mobile app gets the five stars rating or even 4.5…? Companies find themselves in a perplexed situation, where it seems that they are confused how to build the right product to target the particular group of audience.

How to Rank Your Application High in iStore?

To solve this high ranking paradox, apps developing companies have focused themselves to find reasons behind this enigma.  Apps getting high user rating in the iStore not only ensure the company continuous stream of cash flows, but also increase the company’s reputation and image among the general public. Has anyone ever given it a thought that what are reasons which lead to high application ranking?  Moreover, companies face fierce competition, as all the players are fighting for the same position. Effective use of marketing mix, mobile application testing, targeting organic users and loyal users are key ways to achieve the high app ranking. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Effective Use of Marketing Mix

Effective use of four Ps is very important. The product should have the features that it claims to deliver. The app should be properly priced to grab the attention of the user. It should not be priced on the features that other apps are providing free of cost. To create good image in the public, it is the common practice not to price the user initially and then price the user on advance features. Effective promotion and placement is extremely crucial.  Use social media channels effectively when launching your app and users would share with their friends automatically. The entire stress over focusing on the marketing mix is to create maximum awareness among the people.

Mobile App Testing

Always test your app before introducing it to market. Make sure that your product delivers the features that it promises. Test it from each and every perspective. Saving cost on testing and launching app in the market without testing will eventually result in poor feedback and low rating, since the app would definitely contain bugs and issues. It may also damage the company’s image in the market vis-à-vis risking the company’s future. There are many companies out there offering iPhone application testing.

Targeting Organic Users

Organic users are the users who actively visit the app stores in search of new apps and offerings. Organic user can provide you with the useful feedback and reviews about your application. You can get a better idea of where you are standing in the market and what are the pros and cons of the product. Organic users are the main determinant to increase the app ranking.

Loyal Users

Focus more on your loyal users, because they will provide you the cash to run your company. Brief them about product offerings, products promotions and special offers. Establish long term relations and take special care of them. Loyal users may not help you increase your ranking, but they will definitely ensure sustainable and secure company growth in future.

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