How to Run Windows Programs on a Mac


For computer users who favor Windows over Mac, one of their most popular arguments is that most software are available for Windows, but not compatible with the Mac OS. But consider how advantageous it would be to figure out how to run Windows programs on a Mac.

Many have been hoping for a way to do that, including individuals at the point of buying a new laptop – some who prefer Windows have also decided that MacBooks have a lot of attractive features. The conundrum has also been constantly affecting numerous media companies, since most of them are Mac devotees whose clients provide files created with Windows-based programs.

Computer users and developers have been attempting to solve this problem for years, and there are currently a few imperfect but useful solutions. You must however keep in mind that it isn’t exactly possible to run a Windows program seamlessly on a Mac; still, there are a few ways for Mac users to work around this predicament, hence making Windows Programs friendly with Mac.

how to run windows programs on a mac

Using Virtualization Softwares

A virtualization software enables Windows and Mac to run simultaneously. A few popular options include commercial programs like Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion, or the free VirtualBox. Through the use of virtualization software, Windows appears in a window while operating on Mac. It would also be possible to switch between operating systems as you wish, even drag-and-drop files from one system to another.

On the downside, this method tends to overwork the processor. There is also a high risk of crashing because of issues with the driver or video card.

Dual-Boot between OS X and Windows

Possibly the safest way to make Windows run on a Mac is to install the program on a separate hard drive partition. The latest Mac operating system has an application called Boot Camp, which can allow you to run the Windows OS upon start-up. The memory of the computer can then be maximized and made available to run applications for the Windows OS, instead of dividing its efforts while using the Mac OS. This is a highly stable method, and is the best way to access graphics-heavy software such as video editors, 3d modelling and games.

It comes with a bit of inconvenience though: you will have to exit the Mac OS to be able boot into Windows, then reboot again to access Mac. Installing Windows will also take up much of your hard drive space, which will result in significant slowing down. You will therefore need to apply ways to make your computer perform faster.

Wine (not the beverage)

Wine is a free, open-source program that renders Windows applications to be recognizable by other operating systems. It makes it possible to run a Windows program without having to exit the Mac OS. Free upgraded versions of Wine – such as Wineskin and WineBottler – have also been released by independent developers. Enhanced programs are also commercially available, including WinOnX and CrossOver ; these are intended to provide users with stronger, more stable solutions.

Due to limitations however, Wine-based systems can run only a slim number of Windows applications. It can be very inconvenient to use, as it is very crash-prone.

No one has yet solved How to Run Windows Programs on a Mac OS in a way that is seamless and unflawed, but the available options provide satisfactory usability. If you are one of those who simply ache to use Windows on Mac, you can check out the available solutions and decide which one will work best for you.

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    I would like to use only 1 OS at a time.. I have tried to use MAC on Windows using VMWare, but the system went very slow.. But Dual boot is indeed a nice option! 🙂

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