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How To Use Twitter To Grow Your Business


In this age of micro-blogging, Twitter has taken the centre stage for the spread of information and enhanced the way we communicate. Twitter is a forum where you can make your information easily available to the masses and classes alike. Surveys shows that everyday 5 to 10 thousand people become a part of this micro blogging platform.

Let’s see what are the features of Twitter that made is so popular among people today:

  • Instant text messages up to 140 characters
  • Make forums
  • Create a group of followers
  • Post updates
  • Public record of all the tweets
  • Creates fan base for popular brands/people/organizations.

A large number of people are using Twitter to grow their business and gain attention of their target customers. Some tips that will help you in easy access of Twitter for the growth of your business are:

  1. Start from the very starting. Create an account and add a picture which will make you different from your competitors. Also instantly start tweeting about your products and services.
  2. Follow the right people who could help you in building up an image and also contribute towards your business. Try responding to their tweets and share your viewpoints too. Let people know about your presence.
  3. Share valuable links which promotes your product/service. Ask your followers for feedback, they provide the real picture of your business.
  4. Use Twitter as a PR tool. Make your-self noticed by the press people and create cooperative relationships.
  5. Twitter can be used as an opinion poll tool, ask followers about their likes and dislikes. You will also get an opportunity to listen to your customer’s value judgements. It will also help you build customer service.
  6. Wait for the right time and place to introduce your business to people. Don’t just jump to bragging about your company the moment you chat with somebody. If you make people feel that you are after their banknote and not in establishing an interpersonal relationship, they will never care and lose interest in your business/product.
  7. Help people in understanding your business. Also help other businesses by tweeting about them and in return asking the same from them. This way you can grow as a company together.
  8. Don’t get stuck just with your business news or tweets because it might bore people. So keep it interesting and lively.
  9. Communicate with your followers; there might be a potential client or customer there in the hiding.
  10. Always keep in mind not to rewrite or tweet in bulk. It will lead to spamming which will make your followers annoyed. You don’t want that, do you?

Twitter is the simplest and cost effective tool that can be used by anyone. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. If you are smart enough to realise the importance and growth value of Twitter, then you will be smarter enough to understand the functioning of this micro-blogging site. So what are you waiting for guys? Log in and create your account for the growth and development of your business. Happy Tweeting!!!

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