How Wireless Technology Is Changing Our Lives


If you stop to think about it, much of the wireless technology we use today is the stuff that science fiction was made of just a couple decades ago. In fact, wireless technology is changing our lives in so many ways that the younger generations will never know just how lucky they are to be living in the 21st Century. Here are just a few examples of the changes most parents have seen within their own lifetime.

How Wireless Technology Is Changing Our Lives


Perhaps the biggest way in which wireless technology is changing our lives is in the convenience it affords. How easy is it to simply hit ‘print’ on your computer and that Wi-Fi connection to your wireless printer spits out a page from your laptop? Most people don’t walk around carrying that patch chord on them to use when they need to print, and unlike desktops, it needs to be removed every time you shut down. After all, what purpose does a stationary laptop serve? From remote controls for your gaming system to wireless printer communication, there’s something to be said for convenience when all is said and done. Also, what about Bluetooth headphones? How convenient is that! No more wires dragging down your shoulder while you’re jamming to music as you jog or using a hands-free cell phone in a moving vehicle. It’s simply amazing, isn’t it?

Safety & Security

Years ago, home security systems were hard wired into a home and all those wires were easily breeched if a home invader wanted to gain entry while you were unawares. Perhaps you were out for the day or asleep at night, but hardwired security systems were really anything but secure. One innovative company, SimpliSafe has developed a totally wireless home security system and the best part is, it is not dependent on the Internet! You simply install all the components and if you should need to hit the panic button, it goes through a cell phone type of device, through a satellite connection, to your chosen security provider or the local police or paramedics. It’s amazing when you think of the fact that the only wire used in the system is the power cord but even then, with a backup battery, there are times when there are no cords whatsoever!

Cost Effective on Multiple Levels

Then there is expense to be considered. One good example would be that home security system. Do you remember how expensive it was to have a hardwired system installed at your home or place of business? Believe it or not, it really wasn’t so much the technology involved in that high cost as it was the amount of labor necessary to run the lines, trace the wires if there was an inadequate connection and then the cost of repair if a burglar had cut one or more wires, disabling the system. Not only are wireless devices cheaper to install but they are cheaper to operate as well. Look at your mobile phone as one really great example of how much money you can save with wireless technology. A hardwired home phone connected through Ma Bell could run hundreds of dollars a month on long distance calls even just within the United States or within your own state not counting the high cost of international calls.

Today we have convenience at our doorstep, a safer and more reliable way of protecting our property as well as cost effective solutions via satellite communications. And, those are just some of the ways in which wireless technology is improving our lives. There is so much more which could be added but that is enough to tell you just how lucky we are in 2017!

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