How Would Peter Bekelis use Google Glass?


First of all, what is Google Glass? It is the result of the Glass project at Google. Innovating on the trend of wearable computing it consists of a head mounted display (HMD) which brings augmented reality to the market. The device runs on the android operating system and boasts a high-resolution display which is the equivalent of a high-definition 25 inches screen seen from 8 feet away. It can take 5MP photos along with 720P videos. Audio is delivered through a bone conduction transducer, Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi, 12 GB usable memory which can be synced with Google cloud storage and battery lasts for about a day. What are some of the most the most interesting things you will be able to do with the device? I, Peter Bekelis, will mention three of them next:

1. Receiving directions and mapping.

Imagine you are at a new city, you dictate a couple of commands to your glasses and suddenly you have a map right in front of you showing you exactly where you are and being updated as you go along. This is of course much better than taking out your smart phone for many reasons; the first one is that it is much more practical because it blends with your life and activities seamlessly. The second one is about engagement and being present; you will be able to go a long undistracted while gaining all benefits of augmented reality.

How Would Peter Bekelis use Google Glass

2. A new dimension for taking pictures and videos.

Long forgotten are the times when many individuals used to carry heavy camcorders. If it is true that smartphones make it easier to record memories and take pictures it is also true that Google Glass will make it even easier. With one voice command you will be able to take a photo while actually enjoy the activity you are performing. Peter Bekelis’ family will be able to share experiences while they are being preserved for the future.

3. More enjoyment in life.

The fact that you will get more enjoyment in life is not hype, this is because it is a scientifically proven fact that when people are more aware and present they tend to be happier. Many interactions among human beings are being crippled by the same technology that allows them to communicate with other people on remote locations. This is changing with hardware and inventions like the one I’m writing about. Enjoying life is becoming a priority in this natural experience can be brought back without losing the many benefits you are accustomed to.

There are many more possible applications to this technology in almost every industry imaginable. Google is doing a great job by providing it to the general public at a logical price for the massive value it provides. Almost any type of notification will be made unobtrusive along with a completely new gamut of creative uses. From games to businesses the technology landscape will allow the creation of disruptive and innovative applications of wearable computing. Peter Bekelis believes we’re just beginning to see a major shift in our relationship to mobile technology.

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