HP New CEO planning a Software Approach for the Company


Recently, computer giant Hewlett Packard nominated its new CEO and the appointed person was a surprise selection for many of industry experts and analysts. Leo Apotheker is the man in-charge of the computer giant, but people around the tech world are still speculating the fact that Who Exactly is Leo?

For many of the American analysts and investors, the new CEO and President of HP, is still an enigma and an unknown figure. Today, HP held a formal conference call to introduce the new Chief Executive to the company executives all over; the conference call was also to answer the queries of many who are still calling the selection of the new CEO as very suspicious.

Although, the call was not a detailed one but rather a brief one and the new CEO didn’t go into details but instead briefly gave his mind set that the future of HP will be more of software oriented.

Apotheker in his opening remarks said that for him the choice to join HP was a very easy and simple because there is no other company in the market or in the tech world other than HP which can match the potential that Hewlett Packard has in it. Apotheker also said in his opening remarks that he has a great inspiration for Hewlett Packard technology and the people who are working in the company.

Analysts outside the company are still not so sure that whether this choice will go good or not. In today’s trading session, HP’s stock decreased by about 3 percent and at the closing hour the Stocks closed at $40.87 which is a considerable decline.

Apotheker was chosen out of the domain of Silicon Valley to lead one of the biggest tech companies as far as revenue is considered. Previously, he was CEO of German Software Giant where his performance was pretty encouraging. He will formally start at HP from the month of November.

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