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According to the HTC website the HTC One X+ is what everybody is talking about. The phone really is a nice looking example of HTC’s work, and of course it comes with plenty of features. HTC are sitting at the top table when it comes to mobile phone makers, and their success couldn’t be possible without good innovative features, and strong marketing. In this article we’ll look at some of the features of their HTC One X+, and break down the jargon so that you can make a better decision at the store.
How many times have you shot a video on your mobile phone, and wished that you could take a high quality photo of the same scene? Often we find that our videos just sit on our phone or computer, and never get the views that they deserve. It’s a lot easier to upload or pics to a social media site, and so it isn’t much of a surprise to see that people’s social media pages are photo heavy. Well now with HTC’s VideoPic you can have your cake and eat it too. The software allows you to capture videos and take photos at the same time; a neat little feature, and one that is actually quite useful.

No doubt at some point one of your friends has found a funny video while surfing on their phone, and they’ve got everybody to gather around their little screen to watch it. It can be a cosy experience, and one that not everybody is fond of. If that person owned an HTC One X+ then they would have had the opportunity to take advantage of the HTC Media Link feature. HTC Media Link allows you to stream videos from your phone straight onto your television; a feature that is quite impressive when you realise how well it works. The streaming is super fast, and it is in HD quality. HTC Media Link is certainly a selling point.

A unique offer to those of you wishing to buy any of the HTC One series phones is a free space at Dropbox for two years. Dropbox is a very handy storage space which allows you to keep all your important files in a very handy location. Many people complain about storage space on their phones, and while the HTC One series already has a pretty good internal memory having the option to keep that internal memory free by having your stuff stores elsewhere is a pretty good feature indeed. The two year deal isn’t just a token offering added as a sweetener either. The space that you’re given is a generous 25 gigabytes. Granted you’ll soon fill that up, but added to the phone’s 64 gigabyte memory it makes the HTC One a mammoth in terms of storage. So Dropbox is the marketing term for a storage space; nice and simple.

The HTC One X+ has a big name to match its big storage capacity. There are plenty of features to make this a very good phone if you’re looking for something that competes with the market leaders. Other good features include an 8 mega pixel camera, and Beats Audio built in. HTC can be confident that they have yet another success in their hands.

Sam Jones, the author, thinks the HTC One X is a fantastic phone and well worth considering.

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