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“I’m Sat On A Camel In The Middle Of The Desert, lol”


If you would have announced the title of this post 100 years ago, you would likely be locked up with a big ‘INSANE’ stamp on your forehead. If by the off chance you actually were sat on a camel in the middle of the desert and were indeed ‘laughing out loud’, you would have had to send the message of your camel riding antics to your friends by carrier pigeon and wait around for a few months for them to receive the message.

Present day, and there is probably a very high chance that someone has announced these exact words (or something very similar) within the last few seconds and you may have found out about it. You may not even know who they are and you could even have seen a picture or video of them chuckling away whilst sat on top of a very large and confused looking animal.

Social media has made it possible to share whatever you are up to with the rest of the world from wherever you are. This concept of sharing is something that a certain Mr Zuckerberg realised very quickly and is a concept that has enabled him to become the multi-gazillionaire that he is today. After all, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, the largest network of individuals in the entire world; a network that continues to grow and continues to integrate itself more and more into the general publics’ lives with every day that passes. Other social media websites have emerged as well, paving a multitude of paths which users can take advantage of to share their holiday pictures, news of family celebrations, engagements, births and birthdays (amongst others) or even just a funny video of an excitable puppy running head first into a glass door.

Now don’t get this wrong, sharing is not a new thing. Your Nan probably taught you about the importance of sharing with your brother or sister when you were a youngster and it’s highly unlikely she learnt that through Facebook. What is new is the ability to share anything in an instant at the click of a button. That speed of learning is an attribute that the internet and social media possess and other mediums such as newspapers cannot replicate.

So the next time you are sat giggling to yourself whilst sat on a camel in the desert, thank people like Mr Zuckerberg for giving you that magic little button which allows you to broadcast yourself in an instant to the entire world.

Harry Wins writes on behalf of Foob Inc

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