Important Consumer Trends For 2012


As the year continues to unfold here are lists of things that are trending. I suggest you get involved and don’t get left behind.

  • Health by yourself

People are using their phones and computers to track their own healthy lifestyles. Gone are the days where you went to a meeting and had to be weighed in front of a room full of people. Now you have calorie counters and management applications to keep you in track at your convience. New technology will even alert you with changes taking place in your health over a couple of weeks. For example a simple device that looks like a bracelet can track how many steps you have taken, how much you have eaten and how well you slept. This device is then synced with your iphone app.

  • Deal hunter

Consumers will continue to hunt for deals and competitions. People are making use of in-store promotions and discounts, buying presents and supper off online deal companies like Groupon, and using the exclusive offers to buy goods.

  • ECO-trending

Brands are starting to call back old products from consumers in order to recycle them. As consumers we can also learn to recycle in the home and even come up with clever ways to reuse things instead of buying more and more goods that go to waste.

  • Cash no more

The time is almost near for consumers to never have to use cash and coins again. Slowly but surely we will start to have more incentive to use our mobile phones for payment. Stores will start to encourage this with discounts automatically added as we pay. This is definitely one to watch out for.

  • Loyalty to brands

As consumers we are becoming more loyal to brands that act more humanly. In other words brands that show their flaws, are honest about what they are doing, show character in tough situations. For example a pizza brand in the USA called Dominos broadcast all good AND bad complaint from their consumers on a huge outdoor billboard. This means so much more than trying to hide the issues.

  • Trading-in

It’s now easier than ever to buy and sell goods. This no longer only means a car or furniture but rather everything in the home. From technology that is changing daily to old clothes that now seem vintage – this is the trend to follow. It allows us to keep up to date with new experiences and technologies without spending too much money.

  • Visual gratification

In 2012 we will see more augmented reality and QR codes in advertising. Basically this means that information that we want to know will be brought to us in the real world instantly. We will be able to find out a price, get a review or get the full story by simply taking out our smart phones. To stay up to date with we need to download a QR code or simpliar app.

Nicole de Freitas enjoys writing about the latest trends in the world be it electornics,plastic surgery, cars, cosmetic surgery or chainsaw juggling. Be ready for her next article coming soon!

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